• January 25, 2023

“13 years of fraud” Usain Bolt’s 15.7 billion won evaporation case FBI cooperation

The Jamaican government has requested cooperation from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in relation to the fraud case in which tens of billions of won in investments by ‘Lightning’ Usain Bolt (Jamaica) disappeared.

The Associated Press reported on the 25th that “Treasury Secretary Nigel Clark, who is in charge of investigating Jamaica’s largest financial fraud case, has requested cooperation from the FBI and several unnamed international agencies.”

The Jamaican government said the scam, involving Usain Bolt as a victim, had been going on for 13 years and was mainly targeted at seniors who entrusted their retirement funds to them. However, the Jamaican government has not yet been able to determine the exact extent of the damage and the number of victims.

Usain Bolt’s lawyer said that Bolt’s investment of 12.7 million dollars (approximately 15.7 billion won), which he entrusted to an investment trust company based in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, currently has only 12,000 dollars (approximately 15 million won) left. Bolt’s side has asked the company to return the investment by this weekend before going to court.

“Everyone is outraged and saddened by the fact that this incident, mainly elderly investors, has been deliberate and heartless against our hero, Usain Bolt, over a long period of time,” Clark said.

In addition to regular investors, he said government agencies including Jamaica’s National Health Fund, Agricultural Association and National Housing Trust had invested millions of dollars in the company. The Jamaica Financial Services Commission launched an investigation after the investment firm voluntarily reported to authorities earlier this month that a manager had committed fraud.

“We will find out exactly how investors’ money was stolen, who benefited from it, and who was involved and collaborating with it,” Clark told The Associated Press. The Jamaican government said it would pursue the confiscation of all assets purchased with funds believed to have been stolen.

This case is creating international repercussions beyond Jamaica in that it is a large-scale financial fraud scandal against many victims, not just one Usain Bolt. Although the Jamaican government is showing strong will, the prevailing view is that it will never be easy to get investors’ money back as the fraud cases that have been continuously committed for 13 years have been belatedly revealed. 스포츠토토

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