• April 27, 2023

2023 K-League mascot class president election, starting on the 1st of next month

크크크벳 The ‘K League Mascot Class President Election’, which selects the ‘class president’ to represent the K League, will be held from the 1st of next month.

The class president election, which was first introduced in 2020, is taking the lead in promoting the mascot that reveals the identity of each K-League club. The event, which was chosen by 100% fan voting, received great attention, recording about 50,000 cumulative participants during episodes 1-3.

The difference this year is that Suwon Samsung’s mascot ‘Agileon’, who was selected as the first, second, and third class president, will not compete as a candidate but will act as an honorary class president. In addition, voting is conducted through the ‘3 + 1 system’ through the K-League fan essential app ‘Kick’. Participants can basically exercise 3 votes a day, and 1 additional vote is given when using 20 kicks of ‘Kick’ points. ‘Kick’ points can be accumulated through various events in the app, K-League match intuition, and mission performance.

The event page, where you can view each candidate’s profile, campaign materials, and check real-time rankings, will be released on ‘Kick’ on May 1st. The voting period is from the 1st to the 14th, and the last 3 days are held as a ‘private voting period’ for fierce competition at the end. During this period, real-time voting rankings are not disclosed, and you can vote for mascots that have already been voted for by using 50 Kicks instead of 20 Kicks.

The main character of the 4th K-League mascot captain will be revealed through a ballot counting broadcast with fans scheduled for the 15th.

This year’s general election is sponsored by Gyeongnam Pharmaceutical and will be held as the ‘2023 K League Mascot Election with Gyeongnam Pharmaceutical Lemona’. The Korea Professional Football Federation (KFA) plans to conduct joint marketing activities with Gyeongnam Pharmaceutical during the election period, such as providing refreshing vitamin lemonades at K-League stadiums.

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