• January 22, 2023

4 crowns Lim Jung-sook and 2 crowns Kim Ye-eun face-off. Second final of the season – Wellbang LPBA Championship

Defending champion Lim Jung-suk reached the final relatively easily. However, Kim Ye-eun passed the semifinals of the ‘2023 Welcome Savings Bank Wellbang LPBA Championship’ after a fierce fight with her 22dlf best friend Kim Bo-mi.

4-crown Lim Jeong-suk and 2-crown Kim Ye-eun are also advancing to the finals for the second time in the season, and both lost to Kim Ga-young in the previous tournament and stayed in second place. Lim Jeong-suk was in the TS competition in October, and Kim Ye-eun was in the Nonghyup card competition earlier this month.

It was very dramatic. When the second set was over, Kim Ye-eun’s run to the final seemed almost certain. She was also 2-0, but it was because Bo-mi Kim couldn’t hit at all, as seen in her 11;6, 11:1.

However, Kim Bo-mi changed dramatically from the 3rd set. In the first inning, she hit 10 consecutive hits that were close to perfect, so she filled in one run in the second inning, and she won 11:1.

And even in the 4th set she got over the hump and took it to 11:10, she started in the 5th set, she scored 2 and she got off to the finish line first.

The atmosphere was completely Kim Bo-mi. She burst through the 9th and 10th Ningen Fluke, scoring 2 and 3 runs.

Kim Ye-eun seldom scored because Jjong interfered with her goal, but her shot faltered.

It was all 4 innings and 1 run. Up to 10 innings, he blew 9 times with empty hits and was pushed back to 1:8.

For Kim Bo -mi, one point was enough.

Kim Bo-mi, who thought she would lose, eventually seemed to break through the wall in the quarterfinals, but the atmosphere fluctuated once again.

Kim Ye-eun, who had been quiet, fired a bank shot and fired 5 consecutive hits in the 11th inning, when Kim Bo-mi missed the base for the first time.

She was nervous, but she couldn’t believe it because she had a score of 1. However, Kim Bo-mi could not finish the mat again.

As well as handing over a good ball. It was a chance. Kim Ye-eun added 3 points, including another bank shot, in 12 innings, ending the match with 11:10 in a come-from-behind match. 메이저놀이터

Lim Jung-suk defeated Kim Gap-seon, who was aiming to advance to the final after three years, 3-1.

Taking the first two sets at 11:4 and 11:2, the final was not that difficult. Kim Gap-seon did not show his skills.

Still, Kim Gap-seon worked hard and had 3 sets, but it was only one. Lim Jung-suk won 11:4 with 4 consecutive hits in 13 innings and reached the second final of the season.

Lim Jung-suk reached the finals at the NH Card competition last October, but lost to Kim Ga-young and stayed in second place.

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