• August 6, 2023

‘5 players 10+ points’ favorite Yongsan Go defeats Cheonan Ssangyong Go to advance to the finals (South High overall)

Favorites Yongsan Go defeated Cheonan Ssangyongo to advance to the finals.

Yongsan Go won 94-70 against Cheonan Ssangyongo in the South High School Group G preliminary round of the 2023 Korean Basketball Weekend League Wangjung Wangjeon at the Youth Gymnasium B court in Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do on Saturday.

Kim Seung-woo (26 points, 7 rebounds, 9 assists), Lee Yoo-jin (17 points, 11 rebounds, 8 assists), and Lee Kwan-woo (14 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists) led five players in double figures. The favorites, Yongsan, breezed through the group with two straight wins.

Cheonan Ssangyongo was led by Ha Jae-hyung (32 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists), but could not overcome the power differential with Yongsan.

Yongsan’s performance in the first half was not good. Aside from Kim Seung-woo, the team struggled to score, giving up points to Ha Jae-hyung, Lee Jae-hyung, and Jang Hyun-sung in quick succession. In the second quarter, Lee Kwan-woo stepped up along with Kim Seung-woo, but they still couldn’t control Cheonan Ssangyong’s offense. They conceded points to Ha Jae-hyung and Jang Hyun-sung and fell behind 39-43.

In the second half, Yongsanggo’s strength began to show. The defense came alive and kept Cheonan Ssangyongo’s scoring in check, while Jang Hyuk-jun and Lee Yoo-jin stepped up on offense. Lee Kwan-woo and Baek Ji-min also provided support. In the fourth quarter, Lee Yoo-jin was a one-man show, scoring 11 points by himself. Lee Sung-joon and Kim Min-jae also joined the scoring streak, and Yongsan completed the 24-point victory.

Meanwhile, in the earlier game, Gyeongbokgo cruised to a 111-68 victory over Masango. Kang Tae-hyun (24 points, 12 rebounds, three assists) and Lee Geun-joon (21 points, nine rebounds, seven assists) led the way, while Kwon Jung-in (10 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists) recorded a triple-double. They won both of their group stage games to advance to the finals 먹튀검증.

Masango was led by Lee Seung-hyun (20 points, 6 rebounds) and Seok Min-joon (19 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists), but couldn’t match Gyeongbokgo’s momentum.

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