• February 7, 2023

‘64.5 billion won vs. 0 won’ Teams eliminated in the final 5 FA investment serious disappointment

NC, Lotte, Doosan, and Hanwha, which were eliminated in the quarterfinals last year, had a busier winter than ever before.

NC, which competed with KIA until the end of last season for the top 5 and ended the season in 6th place, was forced to drain power as only 7 free agents in the team poured out. In the end, Yang Eui-ji left for Doosan, Noh Jin-hyeok for Lotte, and Won Jong-hyun for Kiwoom, respectively, putting NC in danger of falling into ’empty hands’. However, NC made a bold investment by signing a 5+3 year contract with Park Min-woo for a total of 14 billion won, and recruited FA catcher Park Se-hyuk for up to 4.6 billion won in 4 years, filling the home room where Yang Eui-ji left. Pitcher Lee Jae-hak joined hands for 900 million won for 2+1 years. Only 19.5 billion won was invested in 3 free agents. In addition, Futures free agent Han Seok-hyun was brought in to reinforce the outfield.

Among the teams eliminated in the round of 5, Lotte was the most aggressive team in the FA market. Lotte solved all of the catchers, shortstops, and starting pitchers, who were always pointed out as weaknesses, with FA. They boldly invested 17 billion won, grabbing Yoo Kang-nam for a total of 8 billion won over 4 years, Roh Jin-hyeok for a total of 5 billion won over 4 years, and Han Hyun-hee for a total of 4 billion won over 3+1 years. It was a completely different move from the last offseason, when he was satisfied with missing Ah-seop Son and signing a three-year contract with Jung-hoon for a total of 1.8 billion won.

Doosan, which advanced to the Korean Series for 7 consecutive years, suffered the pain of falling to 9th place last year. It is the first time since its foundation that Doosan finished the season in 9th place. Doosan appointed manager Lee Seung-yeop to forget the humiliation of 9th place, while giving manager Lee Seung-yeop the inaugural gift of Yang Eui-ji, who said, “The catcher is the most needed position.” Doosan spent a whopping 15.2 billion won on the reunion with Yang Eui-ji. The contract period is 4+2 years.

Hanwha, which was in the process of rebuilding, did not stand still. Hanwha, which stayed at the bottom last year, shook the free agency market by signing Chae Eun-seong for a total of 9 billion won over 6 years, Lee Tae-yang for a total of 2.5 billion won over 4 years, and Oh Seon-jin for a maximum of 400 million won over 1+1 years. In addition, internal free agent Jang Si-hwan also succeeded in capturing 930 million won in 3 years, and the team composition was solid. Before last season, there was no special reinforcement, which disappointed the fans, but this time it was 180 degrees different. The FA investment alone amounts to 12.83 billion won. 온라인카지노

The amount of FA investment by teams eliminated in the 5th round alone is 64.53 billion won. On the other hand, there are teams that recorded ‘0 won’ in free agency investment. That’s Samsung. While Samsung left for internal free agent Kim Sang-soo to KT and Oh Seon-jin to Hanwha, there was no outside free agent recruitment. From the beginning, it was a passive stance in the FA market. The catcher trade, which was publicly announced, also failed to produce clear results. For now, it is best to upgrade the competitiveness by increasing internal power.

Most of the teams eliminated in the final 5 showed more active moves in the FA market than ever before. On the other hand, Samsung did not even pay attention to the FA market. So I’m curious. Indeed, it is noteworthy how the teams that were eliminated from last year’s 5th round will have mixed joys and sorrows this season.

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