• April 2, 2023

A monster, but at the same time a 27-year-old young man ‘Kim Min-jae’… is also a growth process

Kim Min-jae (27, Naples), the core of the Korean national soccer team, had a difficult week.

The aftermath of Kim Min-jae’s interview was enormous. In the controversy over his retirement, rumors of a disagreement with the national team’captain’ Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham) also spread. After the game against Uruguay on the 28th of last month, Kim Min-jae said, “I’m mentally broken. I want to focus on my team rather than the national team.” This led to criticism and criticism that he was neglecting the Taegeuk mark game, and it was interpreted as a preview of his retirement, creating a wave.

In the end, Kim Min-jae set out to explain through his Instagram the next day that “the meaning of hardship was misrepresented” along with a post containing the meaning of apology. However, this led to an unexpected discord with Son Heung-min. At the same time that Kim Min-jae posted an apology, Son Heung-min uploaded an article on social media saying that it was an honor to wear the national team uniform. It was a contrasting situation with Kim Min-jae. Coincidentally, the fact that Kim Min-jae and Son Heung-min ended their social media friendship was captured by soccer fans. Afterwards, the ’96 clique theory’ appeared because players born in 1996 in the national team clicked ‘Like’ on their friend Kim Min-jae’s post, but did not click on Son Heung-min’s post.

Kim Min-jae spent a week like a roller coaster. In this process, there were mistakes made by Kim Min-jae, and on the contrary, there were misunderstandings where the meaning was misunderstood or exaggerated.

Kim Min-jae opened his mouth about various controversies through his agency Orange Ball the day before (the 1st). He first admitted and apologized for the fact that he had temporarily stopped following Son Heung-min and social media. Kim Min-jae said, “My thoughts were short and I was wrong. Son Heung-min always posts such a post after the national team convocation, but because of the interview I conducted, I misunderstood and acted out of common sense. I contacted Son Heung-min separately and apologized. I want to say sorry once again.”

However, he clarified that it was not true about the rumors that he neglected the national team game, was removed from the call-up list, or asked for a break from the game. He also drew a line about the ’96 faction theory’ in the national team, saying, “It’s an embarrassing story.”

Kim Min-jae expressed his sincerity, “I always had the mindset to work hard in the national team, and somehow I tried to do my best in every game. I have never played without pride and responsibility.”

Kim Min-jae, who is evaluated as a world class. He, on the contrary, is also a young man who is still only 27 years old. This can also be a growth process for Kim Min-jae to become a better player. This season, Kim Min-jae has received various praises such as ‘Monster’ and ‘Iron Pillar’ for his tremendous performance. He had to endure sudden changes and hard times at the same time. 메이저사이트

Last year, Kim Min-jae drew the attention of soccer fans around the world wearing the prestigious Napoli uniform in the big leagues, and as his weight in the national team and team increased, his shoulders became heavier. Napoli is a team that is trying to win the league and the European Champions League, so it is a situation where they cannot miss a game. Kim Min-jae’s role is important. Even with his stamina and risk of injury, he had to give his all on the ground. Napoli also did not give a break easily. In the national team, the situation was similar. Above all, mistakes were not tolerated. Right away, when he lost a goal in the A match against Colombia and Uruguay in March, voices pointed out the play of Kim Min-jae. It hasn’t even been a season since he moved to Naples, and rumors of EPL transfers to England’s Manchester United and Liverpool followed him around.

No matter how world-class it may be, it is bound to be a huge burden for Kim Min-jae, a young 27-year-old player. Kim Min-jae also said in a statement, “As I went to a good team in a short period of time, I received a lot of attention from the public and the media. Being put in such a sudden situation made it difficult for the national team to do things before. There was stress under the pressure to become more sensitive and do better.” The situation Kim Min-jae is in is pitiful and understandable. However, it is also the fate of world class that these processes cannot be avoided. Many have overcome these ordeals and have grown into world-class players. If Kim Min-jae overcomes the current hurdle well, it will be a good stepping stone for him to grow into a bigger player. The last week he’s been eventful can be a growing pain.

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