• February 6, 2023

Beginner coach who enjoys every day, “I want to become a leader who can openly communicate with the players”

Baek Yong-hwan (34), who started the second act of his baseball life as a leader, enjoys every day as a battery coach for the Lotte Giants Futures. It’s to the point where you don’t know how time flies as you breathe with the prospects who will carry Lotte’s future.

Coach Baek Yong-hwan, who we met on the 4th at Sangdong Stadium in Gimhae, smiled broadly, saying, “Everything is new because I came to a new team. It’s so much fun working with the players.” 온라인바카라

After graduating from Jangchung High School, coach Baek Yong-hwan, who started his professional career at KIA in 2008, transferred to Hanwha in July 2021 through a one-on-one trade with Kang Kyung-hak (infielder). Amidst the trend of generation change, he appeared in 4 games last year and got 1 hit in 5 at-bats. In October, he announced his intention to retire to the club.

He played in 390 first-team games, batting .203 (153 hits in 752 at-bats) with 29 homers, 83 RBIs, 81 runs scored and 5 stolen bases. He had his best year in 2015, hitting his first double-digit home run (10) in his debut.

When asked why he started coaching at Lotte, he replied, “I wanted to try coaching after retirement, but just then the club contacted me and offered a coaching position at Futures Battery. Isn’t Lotte the most popular club? I was happy to start coaching at a prestigious club.” did.

Is there any regret that he ended his career at an early age? Coach Baek Yong-hwan said, “I think I did as much as I could. I decided to (retire from active duty) considering my abilities. I have no regrets.” He also said, “I started walking the path of a leader, and I am curious and excited about what will happen. My excitement is greater.”

As a battery coach, he stressed the importance of stability. “As a catcher, I think stability is the most important thing. As I focused on stability during my active career, the number of business trip opportunities increased and I received good reviews. So, I continue to emphasize this aspect to the players.” Coach Baek Yong-hwan said:

Coach Baek Yong-hwan is evaluated as a ‘coach who understands the players’ minds well’. In response, he said, “I played as a player until last year, and I think I’ve become a little closer because I know what the players are thinking. The awkwardness has decreased a lot since I started working together from the finish camp.”

He expressed his desire to become a friendly leader who can openly communicate with the players.

“When I was a player, when I was having a hard time, a coach came to me first, which gave me a lot of strength. It was the moment I decided to become a friendly coach later on. Yes. It’s not like I’m coercively guiding them”

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