• May 20, 2023

BLG wins the second set and leads the set score 2-0… T1 Great Crisis

BLG won the second set of the lower 4R match of the ‘MSI 2023’ bracket.

On the 20th, the ‘2023 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI)’ bracket lower 4R match was held.

The two teams facing each other in this match were T1 and Bilibili Gaming (BLG).

The second set unfolded with BLG winning the first set. This set started off with T1 benefiting greatly from the Herald Zone encounter. Kill score 2-0 by 5 minutes.

스포츠토토 However, BLG also counterattacked and narrowed the kill score to 3-2. The first dragon was acquired by BLG.

After acquiring the first messenger, T1 released the messenger in the opponent’s bottom area, destroying the bottom 1st turret and damaging the 2nd turret.

The second dragon is acquired by BLG without any special engagement. T1 took the second messenger.

As of 17 minutes, the kill score is tied at 4-4. The kill score looks the same, but the global gold earned. BLG was ahead in key indicators such as the number of destroyed turrets and stacked dragon stacks. It was especially painful that BLG destroyed more turrets even though T1 ate the messenger. Even the second messenger failed to headbutt.

The third dragon is also taken by BLG. They didn’t get it at all, and only the opponent had stacks of dragons, which made it a burden for T1.

Eventually, the concerns became reality and BLG won the fourth dragon, completing the dragon’s soul. BLG even won the team fight in the Baron area and completely took the game to their side.

BLG obtained the Baron Buff, two of the three major buffs of ‘League of Legends’, and the Dragon’s Soul. He launched a wave offensive with more confidence.

Unfortunately, T1 was powerless to stop this offensive. In the 27th minute, the Nexus was destroyed and the set score was 2-0.

Meanwhile, ‘MSI 2023’ starts with the opening game on the 2nd and ends with the long-awaited final on the 21st. All games of ‘MSI 2023’ will be held at Copper Box Arena, the center of esports located in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, England.

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