• May 24, 2023

“BOS, to get the sweep,” advice from MLB legend Ortiz

Ortiz is rooting for Boston.

MLB legend and Hall of Famer David Ortiz gave an interview to The Associated Press on Wednesday (Nov. 23). In this interview, Ortiz talked about the Boston Celtics’ Eastern Conference Finals.

The second-seeded Celtics are currently trailing the eighth-seeded Miami Heat 0-3 in the best-of-seven series. Boston, which boasts a stellar home winning percentage, has lost both of its first two home games, followed by a loss on the road, and is in danger of being eliminated.

No team in NBA history has ever completed a reverse sweep when down 0-3, which means Boston’s chances of elimination are very high.

But Ortiz, a former Boston Red Sox player, isn’t giving up on Boston. “This is the best time for a reverse sweep to happen. Just like Boston did in baseball, it should be a city team doing it in basketball,” Ortiz said. 스포츠토토

Ortiz knows this because he was one of the first players in MLB history to pull off a reverse sweep.

In 2004, Ortiz’s Red Sox faced their eternal rivals, the New York Yankees, in the American League Championship Series (ALCS). The Red Sox dropped the first three games to the Yankees and were on the brink of elimination.

But a miraculous four-game winning streak in Games 4-7 propelled them into the World Series. The Red Sox rallied to win the World Series, breaking the Bambino curse and becoming the best team ever.

“When you’re down 0-3, you have two options. You either quit or you go forward again. In professional sports, you can’t quit. You’ve hit rock bottom and you have to move forward step by step,” he said.

“It was very quiet in the clubhouse at the time. We were pretty much just thinking about it, and then a guy like Kevin Millar came in and lifted the spirits. You have to keep everything positive.”

Ortiz’s words are exactly what Boston needs right now. Can the Celtics take Ortiz’s advice and complete the NBA’s first-ever reverse sweep? Game 4 in Miami will be the first step in that direction.

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