• February 2, 2023

Brion won the 1st set after unstoppable progress

Brion, who continued to march towards his destination throughout the match, defeated DRX’s resistance and took the first set point. 카지노사이트

Brion won the first set in the first game on the second day of the third week of the ‘2023 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Spring’ held at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 2nd.

Early in the match, during the bot duo’s power struggle, Brion, who gained the first point by cutting Lucian, knocked down the lower tower while Fiora was knocked down by DRX’s rallying play in the upper area, and Maokai intervened in the middle area and defeated Jace with Silas. After removing it, Jerry built up the momentum by knocking out both of the bot duo. Summoning the first messenger to the upper area, DRX aimed for a chance to counterattack, and death came out in the lower area, but they gathered in the upper area and eventually destroyed the upper 1st tower with Jax’s double kill.

While Brion, who surrounded and defeated Jax while attacking the second messenger, took the messenger, DRX continued the chase, taking the 1st tower and the second dragon, and with the appearance of the third dragon, Brion started to attack, but DRX couldn’t stop it and Brion took the second stack. DRX, who captured Maokai in the central area after Jax destroyed the 1st tower in the lower area, seemed to be heading towards the dragon as the fourth dragon appeared, but Brion started hitting Baron and applied a buff, removing Elise and taking out the upper and middle 2 Even the tea tower was demolished.

While Brion, who gained momentum, entered the main base, DRX also raided the main base of Brion and exchanged inhibitors one by one. started moving forward. Brion, who pressed down the last resistance by 3 kilos, destroyed the Nexus as it was.

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