• April 20, 2023

Burnley GK was excited… ’14 million won’ as a tip to the waitress during the ‘promotion party’ → “I’m going to buy a dog”

Burnley goalkeeper Aryanette Muric gave over 10 million won to a glamor waitress he met at the club to commemorate his promotion.

German media ‘Buld’ reported on the 20th (Korean time), “Murić had an exciting night at a nightclub after coming to Munich, Germany after Burnley was promoted to the Premier League.”

Burnley confirmed promotion to the Premier League early on the 8th with a 2-1 victory over Middlesbrough in the 40th round of the EFL (English Football League) Championship in the 2022/23 season.

Burnley, who had been relegated after finishing 18th in the Premier League last season, managed to secure a ticket to direct promotion to the Premier League with seven league games remaining under the guidance of Manchester City legend Vincent Kompani.

Burnley players were already in a festive mood as they did not fall below second place, which goes directly to the Premier League even if they lose all their remaining games. 카지노사이트

In the midst of this, Muric, the Burnley gatekeeper, drew attention by opening his wallet at a German nightclub, purchasing expensive liquor and giving a large tip to a waitress.

The media said, “Murici paid 6,335 euros (about 9.2 million won) for alcohol alone, including 10 bottles of Dom Perignon champagne, which cost more than 585 euros (about 850,000 won) a bottle.”

He added, “Morici gave a tip of 10,000 euros (approximately 14.5 million won) to the waitress who sent an exciting meal at the club.”

The waitress who received a large tip from Muric said in an interview, “He gave something to not only me, but also the security guard, the DJ, the staff, and even the toilet attendant.” “he explained.

Muric, from Kosovo in Eastern Europe, who joined Burnley last season, made several fantastic saves in his debut season and played a significant role in helping the team secure promotion early.

After moving to Burnley, Muric appeared in 38 games this season and allowed only 29 goals. He is currently tied for third in the championship clean sheets, having also recorded 17 clean sheets.

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