• April 10, 2023

“Cell phones are prohibited”… Masters, which operates strict regulations

“No cell phones allowed.”
The 87th Masters Tournament (total prize money of 18 million dollars), which ended on the 10th (Korean time) in Augusta, Georgia, USA, is famous for its strict tournament management rules.

Since cell phones are not allowed in the course, journalists who are accustomed to recording interviews with their smartphones and taking simple photos must prepare a small recorder or digital camera.

In addition to smartphones, items that cannot be brought into the venue include bags with a certain size or larger, laptops, tablets, pagers, and devices with photo or video recording functions.

Except for pre-registered photojournalists, cameras can only be brought into the course during practice rounds.

Since you can’t bring your phone with you, if you miss a group among the crowds on the course, you won’t have a way to contact them and you’ll be in trouble.

Established in 1934, Masters has continued to increase the number of items prohibited from being brought in as technology advances, but the regulations for smartwatches are still relatively lax.

There is no problem with smartwatches entering the course according to the competition regulations, but they do not fit the purpose of the competition regulations, which prohibit the bringing of various electronic devices.

In fact, the rules of the competition say, “You can bring in a fitness band or electronic watch. However, it is prohibited to use it for calling, texting, sending emails, taking or transmitting photos and videos.”

However, it is realistically difficult to sanction sending a quick text message with a smartwatch.

The Wall Street Journal of the United States said on the 10th, “In general, a smart watch needs to be close to a smartphone to maintain a connection and receive calls or text messages, but in the case of the Apple Watch, the smart watch can be used independently by paying a certain amount to the carrier.” Reported.

The Wall Street Journal said, “We found a fan sending messages through a smartwatch inside the Masters venue, but the fan refused to give his name.” 메이저놀이터

When asked, “Did you send a message or e-mail?” to the fan, he said, “I will not answer,” and said, “This ticket is too precious to me,” and said that he was afraid of being disciplined for violating the rules.

The Wall Street Journal explained the purpose of the regulation, saying, “The Masters creates a different atmosphere from other competitions by banning mobile phones,” and “focuses more on golf.”

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