• January 11, 2023

Chelsea in crisis, former Tottenham manager ‘eyes’ as Porter’s successor

Reports have emerged that former Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino, ‘Son Heung-min’s teacher’, could be appointed as Chelsea’s head coach.

Pochettino’s name is being discussed every day as Chelsea manager Graham Porter, who took over as Thomas Tuchel’s successor, is struggling to avoid sluggish performances and rumors of an early dismissal are emerging.

Manager Porter was caught in a storm of criticism when Chelsea lost 0-4 to Pep Guardiola’s Man City in the FA Cup third round (64 rounds) on the 9th. They also lost 0-1 in the league home game against Manchester City three days ago, and fell to 10th place in the league with just one win in the last seven games. Chelsea fans were outraged by the FA Cup frenzy. The arrow of criticism was completely directed at former Brighton coach Graham Potter, who was the successor to Tuhell this season. A cheering song for missing former Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel also flowed from the stands. “We’ve got super Tommy Tuchel,” he said directly, expressing his dissatisfaction with Porter and the club that changed Tuchel last September.

The British public daily The Sun reported on the 11th (Korean time), “Chelsea’s board of directors are expecting Porter to turn the atmosphere around for the rest of January, but they have already started discussions about Porter’s future.”

At this point, in an atmosphere where Porter’s resignation was not a big surprise, Pochettino’s name emerged as the successor. 메이저놀이터

Pochettino has already managed Tottenham and Southampton in the English Premier League. However, there is also an analysis that, as a former Tottenham manager, his affection for Tottenham may be an obstacle to another London club, Chelsea. However, The Sun predicted that ‘Pochettino, who still has a house in London and spends a lot of time there, will gladly accept the Chelsea helm’.

Coach Pochettino worked as Paris Saint-Germain coach until last season and showed successful leadership for five years, including reaching the 2019 European Champions League final at Tottenham before joining PSG.

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