• May 18, 2023

‘Controversy over abusing the son of a professional baseball leader’ Team A “The difference in position is too great”

Regarding the report that the son of the incumbent professional baseball team leader is the perpetrator of school violence (school violence) that took place in a high school baseball team in Seoul, Team A of the team leader, who was designated as the father of the perpetrator, took a cautious stance. showed

토스카지노 KBS reported on the 18th that a high school baseball player in Seoul was repeatedly bullied by three colleagues and students in the same grade. In particular, it is shocking that one of the perpetrators is said to be the son of a professional baseball team leader.

The victim’s mother told KBS, “Among the perpetrators, the son of a professional baseball team leader took the most initiative in harassing my child.”

In response, Team A said, “It is a cautious position because it is not an issue that has been concluded about school violence.” An investigation committee will be held at the school, and we will diligently participate in the investigation and humbly accept the results.”

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