• February 13, 2023

‘cruciate ligament rupture’ Bentancur, season out confirmed…’Rises on the operating table’

Tottenham Hotspur, which is busy on the way, has an emergency. Rodrigo Bentancur was ruled out for the season as he climbed the Susuldae.

Tottenham said on the official website on the 13th (Korean time), “Bentancur is out of the season due to a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. Bentancur is on the operating table.”

Tottenham suffered a 1-4 defeat in the last English Premier League (EPL) match against Leicester City. However, there was something more painful than defeat, the injury of Bentancur. Bentancur collided with Nangfalis Mendy in the 20th minute of the second half and collapsed, and eventually left the ground in tears. 메이저놀이터

It didn’t look like it was a serious injury as he had walked out in the first place. However, after a close examination, he was diagnosed with a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. Tottenham had no choice but to rule Bentancur out for the season as rehabilitation would take months.

As Bentancur, one of the most important resources in the midfield, left for a long time, a red light was turned on in Tottenham’s competition to advance to the UEFA Champions League next season. Tottenham’s concerns are deepening as they have to play the Champions League round of 16 right away.

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