• April 27, 2023

Director Kim Eung-ryong’s last officiating speech

“I am Kim Eung-ryong, who will officiate the wedding ceremony today. (…) As you know, the groom’s father, Seon Dong-ryeol, was my student and baseball coach. The first officiating ceremony in my life was Director Sun’s daughter, Min-Jeong, and after officiating at the wedding of his son (Min-Woo), my heart warms up again, thinking that I have a great relationship with Director Sun. (…) As the officiator and life senior, I will tell you one thing. Today I want to talk about golf. Harmony is also important in golf that the groom, the golf leader, loves. Golf is a sport of manners that protects and cares for each other. With that kind of heart, I hope you will lead a happy married life that cares for and cares for each other (…)” When the

simple and clear officiating speech ended in about two minutes, thunderous applause filled the wedding hall. This is a brief summary of the officiating speech by Kim Eung-ryong (83), the “director,” who officiated on April 16, the son of former Samsung Lions coach Seon Dong-ryeol.

Director Kim Eung-ryong officiated again. Manager Kim Eung-ryong served as president of the Samsung Lions and president of the Korea Baseball Association, but it is rather natural to add ‘director’ after his name, which shines in winning the 10th Korean Series in professional baseball.

The reason why I dared to use the adverb ‘again’ is because director Kim officiated as many as four times. Starting with former coach Seon Dong-ryeol’s daughter, Oh Seung-hwan and Yang Jun-hyuk, who had a relationship at Samsung Lions, and then Sun’s son. It can’t be anything other than a very unusual thing for him who is a little clumsy and reluctant to go out in front of the public. Of course, it was a case of going to the podium in response to the request of the parties involved, but contrary to the appearance, only the heart that cared for the disciples was revealed without regret through such an ‘event’.

On that day, coach Kim Eung-ryong was secretly nervous before going up to the podium for the officiating ceremony, unlike a seasoned matchmaker. At the wedding of Director Sun’s daughter, he drank a full glass of wine in advance and calmed down before going up, but this time, the wedding hall did not prepare wine, so he even showed a little nervousness. In the end, he took a sip of wine before stepping onto the podium.

Director Kim kept his eyes glued to the paper on which the officiating speech was written during the intermission. Although his students chided, “Our bishop is nervous.” It turned out later that he had trouble reading letters under strong lighting because he hadn’t brought his magnifying glass with him.

Around the time the meal was over, director Kim Eung-ryong came to the table where the students were and shared a glass of wine with the people around them, laughing loudly and saying, “Oh, my legs are shaking.” The seat was pleasant, but there was a sense of loneliness on his face as he raised his voice. When he asked, “If someone asks, will you officiate?” he waved his hand, saying, “Now diabetes is coming, and this is the last officiating ceremony.” 바카라사이트

Disciples such as Jang Chae-geun (Hongik University coach), Park Chul-woo (Tigers Association president), and Jung Hoi-yeol (Dongwon University coach), who were with coach Kim Eung-ryong during the heyday of Haitai Tigers, brought up old anecdotes one by one. Coach Jang Chae-geun, who shone as the best player in the Korean Series in 1991, went out to great defense (as a catcher), entered the at-bat and was replaced without being able to see. Former Doosan coach Park Cheol-woo, the father of Dinos catcher Park Se-hyeok, also confessed a hidden story about coach Kim Eung-ryong deliberately calling out and buying meat, saying, “(When he was playing as the number 4 hitter in Haitai), don’t tell other players.” They boasted of the warmth that permeates the rough-looking ‘director Kim Eung-ryong’.

The relationship between the two baseball players, ‘Kim Eung-ryong and Seon Dong-ryeol’, goes beyond the framework of a master and disciple who simply led the heyday of the famous Haitai club. The string of strong bonds that was once established was also connected to the first and last officiating ceremonies of the daughter and son.

Around the time the guests got up to get up, Lee Sang-guk, former head of Haetae, gestured indirectly to Dongwon University director Jeong Hoi-yeol. Bring flowers for the guests to take home and give them to director Kim Eung-ryong.

Director Kim Eung-ryong pretended to be invincible and walked out of the wedding hall holding an armful of flowers brought by his pupil, saying, “My wife does like flowers.”

The shadows of past times and irretrievable memories were being dragged behind his crooked shoulders.

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