• July 12, 2023

DK Choi “hopes this roster change will be a wake-up call for ‘Kellin'”

In the second round of the 2023 LCK Summer Split at LoL Park in Jongno, South Korea, DPLUS Kia won 2:0 against Reef Sandbox. After revealing in a pre-game interview that the team’s weaknesses were in the late game, the team added a new player, Yoon-seol “Bible” Yoon, to the support roster. ‘Bible’ contributed to the team’s operation through active calls, and the team showed a different look in the mid and late game. Coach Choi was pleased with today’s game and hopes that ‘Kellin’ will develop further with this roster change.

The following is a post-match interview with Choi “Showmaker” Chun-ju, head coach of the DPLUS KIA.

Q. Could you give us your thoughts on today’s game?

Choi Cheon-joo: I was satisfied with the direction we set in practice in preparation for the second round and the combinations we came up with in preparation for this tournament, and I would like to congratulate ‘Bible’ for playing today and giving 120% despite not playing for a long time.

Showmaker: We tried something new with ‘Bible’, but we still won 2-0, so it was a great win.

Q. How did you decide to change your roster?

Choi: After going 1-3 in the last two weeks of the four-game series in Round 1, we decided to move him up to the first team because we felt that he would help us with our in-game meta and direction a bit more, considering the patch version and the current state of the team.

Q. You played a match with ‘Bible’. How would you describe the pros and cons?

Shoemaker: He was definitely better than Kellin in terms of calls. There weren’t too many bad things, but if I had to say one thing, it would be that his voice was too loud and our voices overlapped. I didn’t have a chance to speak, and it hurt my ears.

Choi Cheon-joo: By the way, when we set up the microphone before the first set, Bible’s voice setting was a little too loud, so we adjusted it again after the match.

Q. You had an accident at the bottom of the first set, but you still managed to turn the game around. Is this what you wanted to see from your team?

Choi Cheon-joo: I had a very big miss on the bottom, so I was in a really bad situation, but it was called that I had to catch my opponent’s mistake on the bottom and dive, so I was able to play well, so I’m happy with that.

Q. Aside from the call, did the roster changes affect Showmaker’s play?

Showmaker: I just did what I’ve been doing today. I didn’t make any big changes, I just followed the way I won each championship.

Q. How are you preparing for your match against T1?

Choi: We don’t know the roster until the day of the match, so we’re preparing for a lot of different situations. The patch version also changed suddenly, so we’re definitely preparing extra for bans and play.

Shoemaker: I don’t really care who I’m playing against, I’m just going to prepare with the mindset of doing my best.

Q. What advice would you give to Kellin with the roster change?

Choi Cheon-joo: Personally, I’m sure Kellin was disappointed and upset. I calmly talked to him and calmed him down, and I told him that I hoped this roster change would be an opportunity for him to take a step back and look at the game from a wider perspective, learn from the calls and situational judgment of Byul, and grow together. “When we were preparing for today’s game, we were practicing by switching supporters, and Kellin played with us in practice even when it wasn’t his game. So we’re preparing well together. 안전놀이터순위

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