• July 11, 2023

“Don’t forget KIA” Ryu Ji-hyuk visits family 6 days after trade, receives heartfelt gifts from former teammates

It was a heartfelt gift.

Ryu Ji-hyuk, who joined the Samsung Lions from the KIA Tigers, received a touching gift.

Ryu visited the locker room before the game against KIA on Nov. 11. It was to meet his old teammates, who he played with for three years until early July. He was reunited with his family just six days after being traded by the two clubs on May 5.

Coach Kim Jong-kook and his former teammates greeted Ryu Ji-hyuk with warm applause. At the same time, they held a small farewell ceremony.

Kim gave him a bouquet of flowers and his teammates presented him with an autographed home jersey with Ryu’s number 8 on it. It will be framed and handed back to him in the future. 꽁머니사이트

Thomas Pannoni, who played with Ryu last year, recently rejoined the team, but he was also present at the farewell ceremony.

Coach Kim said, “I’m playing against Ryu Ji-hyuk, who has the same heart, but I’ve gotten to know him. I will say goodbye to him, but I feel a little sad. I’m sure the players will feel the same way,” he said.

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