• March 22, 2023

Excluding Lee Cheon-woong’s opening entry, no matter how many pairs he matches, no answer comes out

Maybe it was decided from the beginning.

It seems that the results of the demonstration game had nothing to do with the opening entry. No matter how good the striker looks from now on, it must be seen that there is no place for him in the first team.

This is the story of Lee Cheon-woong (35) of LG, who failed to join the opening entry. It seems that there was no place for him in the thick LG outfield lineup from the beginning.

LG is saturated in the outfield.

Foreign player Austin has to take a spot, and national team outfielders Kim Hyun-soo and Park Hae-min have returned. Here, the rise of Hong Chang-gi and main backup Moon Seong-joo is amazing.

In the current situation, it would be difficult to digest these five people. You have to pull in the designated hitter and rest days to operate only five main players.

Lee Chun-woong’s seat is next to him. If even one of these 5 members has a vacancy, they will be the first member to join.

At first glance, it seems plausible, but in the end, it is a position where someone can get a chance only when he or she suffers a serious slump or is injured.

That’s why you can’t just hope that others won’t be. I just have to do my job quietly and wait for the right time.

Lee Chun-woong is showing a good feeling in the demonstration game.

His batting average of 0.263 is not very high, but he showed a stable starting plan with only one strikeout recorded.

His defense is second to none.

Regarding Lee Chun-woong’s defense, during the time of former manager Ryu Joong-il, Ryu said, “I heard that his nickname was ‘Miss & Nice’ at one time. Because he plays good defense, but he also made a lot of erratic mistakes. However, the Lee Chun-woong I see should now be called ‘Nice & Nice’. That’s why his defense is stable and his range is wide.”

It can be said that he still lacks his skills to stay as a backup of backups.

LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop also said, “It is difficult for Lee Chun-woong to enter the opening roster,” but emphasized that “if a player is injured, he will be ranked first.” 메이저사이트

There is no room for him right now in the LG outfield. I raised my expectations for a while by joining the first team in the exhibition game, but I had to face the cold reality again.

It is Lee Cheon-woong who has to return to his place once the season begins. The situation is unfortunate, but for LG, who is aiming for the championship, having a super backup like Lee Cheon-woong on standby can be a great help.

It’s not right now, but it’s something you don’t know when and how it will happen. In fact, the growth of Moon Seong-joo and Hong Chang-ki was largely due to injuries and sluggishness of key players.

There is no law that says that such an opportunity should not come back to Lee Chun-woong.

Unfortunately, he has no choice but to wait quietly while sharpening his knife.

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