• May 6, 2023

Fearful 0 blood home run ‘160 km monster’ When and under what circumstances should I be careful?

If you look at the record of ‘160 km monster’ Moon Dong-ju (20), you can find a peculiar part.

He did not allow a single home run while pitching 22.2 innings. Considering that even pitchers who don’t hit home runs often give up at least one every 7 or 8 innings, we can see how good Moon Dong-ju’s pace is.

If so, when will Moon Dong-ju be allowed a big room?

First of all, Moon Dong-ju is not a pitcher who allows a lot of free balls.

The ground ball out/floating ball out ratio is 1.44, leading to more ground ball outs. It can be said that the ability to catch strikeouts is added to this, and it can be said that it can continue the home run record so far.

As a team, you have to be careful with NC. Moon Dong-joo’s average earned run against NC is 6.00. He’s only pitched one game, but it’s clear the numbers are high.

Even when dealing with Samsung, he has to be careful.

The average ERA against Samsung was 0.00. However, the ground ball out/floating ball out ratio was 0.68, and there were overwhelmingly many floating balls. In addition, Samsung’s home stadium, Lions Park, is a stadium with many home runs. If there are a lot of floating balls, there may be a ball that goes over naturally.

We need to be especially careful when dealing with Samsung in Daegu.

You have to be careful during the daytime. It was only one game, but the average ERA soared to 6.00 in the 2:00 game on Sunday.

It is during daytime games that it is difficult for pitchers to concentrate. It can be said that Moon Dong-ju is also in this flow. He needs to throw with more care, especially in daytime games 스포츠토토.

Daejeon Stadium, the home stadium, is not a stadium with many home runs, but it is worth considering that Daejeon Stadium’s performance is not good.

Moon Dong-ju recorded an average ERA of 3.09 at home and was very strong at 1.64 on the road. He should beware that he might get an unexpected blow on the home field.

He needs to pay more attention when runners are present than when they are not.

The batting average when not running is 0.130, but the batting average is 0.250, which is almost twice as high when running while running. Even 0.250 is not a high number, but you should pay attention.

It does not cover left and right batters severely, but the hit rate (0.211) of right-handed batters is slightly higher than that of left-handed batters (0.150).

By ball count, you need to pay the most attention to the first pitch, 1-0, and 0-1.

The hit rate for the first pitch was 0.333 and 0.400 when it was 1-0.

What is unusual is that the hit rate was as high as 0.500 in an advantageous situation of 0-1. It can be seen that after preoccupying the strike, the concentration slightly fell. The probability of getting hits was the highest in the first pitch and the game within 2 pitches. When a hit comes out, a home run can be allowed.

It is necessary to pay attention to the first pitch and the game within 2 pitches.

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