• July 10, 2023

‘Grizzly’s’ first-team call-up spurred him on

Hanwha Life Esports Challengers’ Koo “Salvation” Kwan-mo shares his thoughts on the call-up of his former teammate, Cho “Grizzly” Seung-hoon.

Hanwha Life swept the KT Rolster Challengers 2-1 in the second round of the 2023 LCK Challengers League Summer on Tuesday at WDG Esports Studio in Jung-gu, Seoul. With the win, Hanwha Life improved to eight wins on the season and remained in sole possession of second place. Against KT, Koo “Guan-mo” Kwan-soo helped the team to victory by playing strongly with Diego and Seju-ani.

In a post-match interview, Kwan-mo said, “I think my team is doing well from the practice process, but I don’t think I can show my strengths in offline matches, unlike in online matches, so I don’t feel like I won cleanly, which is a shame.” “Still, it feels good to win the match,” he said.

Koo “Kwan-mo” Gu was the team’s starting jungler at the beginning of this summer season, but the team lost their opening two games and Cho “Grizzly” Seung-hoon started in his place. Since then, Koo has been working his way back into the starting lineup to fill in for Cho’s call-up to the first team. While working on his serve, Koo admits to making a lot of attempts.

“When I went to serve and watched our team play, I thought Seung-hoon ‘Grizzly’ Cho’s style of play really suited our team,” said Koo. “So I tried to copy his play, and I tried to do it the way I did it in the spring. And now I feel like I’ve found my center point. So I’m focusing on those plays,” he said, explaining his preparation for his return to the starting lineup 먹튀검증.

As mentioned earlier, Cho Seung-hoon, who started in place of Koo Kwan-mo, has now been called up to the Hanwha Life Esports first team and is now playing in the LCK, which is every professional LoL player’s dream. He said he was motivated by the call-up of his teammate and fellow position competitor. “It was a huge motivation for me personally. I was very motivated,” he said, adding, “I could only think of doing well in the future.”

Motivated, Gu Guan-mo shook off his early-season slump to lead the team’s rise. During the team’s winning streak, Guan-mo didn’t feel any pressure to start again. “I thought our team had a bigger role for liners than for junglers,” he said, “so I tried to complement my individual skills and fit in with the team as much as possible.”

“I think the role I have to play for the team is very important, so I think I need to improve my personal skills even more,” said Koo Guan-mo. “I’m also grateful to the fans who always support me. I don’t think I’m confident in myself right now, and I don’t have a lot of skills. But in the future, I will try to find my full confidence and show a good performance,” he concluded the interview by emphasizing.

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