• April 14, 2023

‘Heungkuk Life Insurance Power’ Kim Yeon-kyung “IOC Athletes and Members Challenge”

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It is known that Heungkuk Life Insurance is likely to be the final destination for Kim Yeon-kyung.

Athlete Kim Yeon-kyung, who attended the World Anti-Doping Day ceremony, also expressed her intention to challenge the IOC member.

This is Reporter Park Jae-woong.

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Many fans flocked to Muan, Jeollanam-do to see Kim Yeon-kyung, who participated as a panelist at the World Anti-Doping Day ceremony.

Kim Yeon-kyung gave advice to student athletes.

[Kim Yeon-kyung/Heungkuk Life Insurance]
“Even when I take a medicine, I don’t just take it, I go to the related site and check it…” He

also revealed his confidence in extending his active duty.

[Kim Yeon-kyung/Heungkuk Life Insurance]
“I’m 35 years old and I’m still playing active duty… I think I’m getting better than before.”

As soon as the event was over, questions about our next destination poured in.

[Kim Yeon-kyung/Heungkuk Life Insurance]
“I haven’t signed the (contract) yet.

Kim Yeon-kyung saved his words, but in fact, Heungkuk Life Insurance remains a strong atmosphere.

An official from Heungkuk Life Insurance said, “We haven’t signed the contract yet, but we will organize the details of the contract as soon as possible.”

On the other hand, Hyundai Engineering & Construction, which was a competition for recruiting, said, “We did our best to recruit,” and said, “It’s unfortunate, but we will crack down on internal free agents such as Hwang Min-kyung and Kim Yeon-gyeon.”

While the return of his best friend Kim Su-ji to Heungkuk Life Insurance has become a fait accompli, Kim Yeon-kyung plans to challenge the IOC Athletes Commission.

[Kim Yeon-kyung/Heungkuk Life Insurance]
“I heard that ‘(IOC Athletes’ Member) winning itself is not easy’… I thought ‘It’s not bad to try once’, so I am carefully preparing to become an IOC Athletes Member. ” 안전놀이터

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