• January 23, 2023

“I was ordered to be discharged”… 2023 season Korean tour stars return

Reserve players who have completed their military duty return to the Korean Tour in the 2023 season and dream of a new leap forward.

According to the recent KPGA (Korea Professional Golf Association), a total of eight players will return to the Korean Tour in the 2023 season, including Sumin Lee, Garam Jeon, Taewoo Kim, Seungtaek Lee, Gyeongjun Lee, Jonghak Kim, Inseong Ko, and Hyunseo Park.

Lee Soo-min, who debuted on the Korean Tour in 2015, has a total of 5 wins. He reached the top in 2013 at the Gunsan CC Open, where he entered as an amateur. In 2015, the first year of his professional debut, he won the Gunsan CC Open again. In 2019, he became the prize money king by entering the top 10 seven times, including winning the Hyundai Marine Choi Gyeong-ju Invitational.

Lee Su-min enlisted in April 2021 and was discharged in October of last year. Lee Soo-min said, “I did constant physical training during my military service. I increased my weight by 7kg compared to before enlisting.”

At the same time, Lee Soo-min said, “I feel responsible as the head of a family, as I am married and have a daughter. I plan to focus on the Korean Tour this year.”

Garam Jeon, who is recording two wins on the Korean Tour, was also discharged on the 3rd of last month. Garam Jeon lifted the 2018 DB Insurance Promy Open and the 2019 Huons Elravie Celebrity Pro-Am Championship Cup. 안전놀이터

Jeon Ga-ram, who is preparing to return for the 2023 season, said, “As a social worker, I did correctional work at a foreigner shelter. There were many difficult things because I worked in the shadows of society.” I think I was able to adapt,” he said. 안전놀이터

At the same time, Jeon Ga-ram said, “(Huh) In-hoe and (Park) Jung-min hyung often advised me to prepare properly and come back, saying that young friends play without hesitation on tour.” That is our goal for this year,” he said.

In addition, Kim Tae-woo, the winner of the 2018 DGB Financial Group Daegu Gyeongbuk Open, and Lee Seung-taek, who holds the record of 60 strokes, the lowest number of strokes in 18 holes of the Korean Tour, will return to the 2023 season tour after completing their military service.

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