• June 23, 2023

‘If Luka goes, Kim Min-jae comes’ Bayern have ‘secret meeting’ with Kim Min-jae’s side in Lisbon, Kim deletes Napoli account ‘decisive clue’

The scenario for Napoli’s ‘monster’ Kim Min-jae to Bayern Munich is looking increasingly complete.

‘Bayern are holding secret negotiations with the Kim Min-jae camp in Lisbon, Portugal,’ reported Germany’s Bild on Aug. 23 (KST). ‘The Bavarians are most interested in Napoli’s Kim Min-jae as a central defender. Discussions between the Bayern management and Kim Min-jae’s side are ongoing,’ and ‘According to information, a secret meeting took place last Wednesday. Bayern technical director Marco Neppe held negotiations with Kim’s Portuguese agent Loresu Rita in Lisbon. Bild reported, “The talks with Kim’s agent are going well. However, no agreement has been reached yet. Kim Min-jae, who is serving in the South Korean military, is unable to attend the meeting in person, which is making it difficult.

메이저놀이터 There was also a specific scenario. “Luca Hernandez will leave and Minjae Kim will come. This scenario is now almost finalized.

Sky Sports’ Florian Plettenberg, who is considered a tier one reporter on Bayern, also backed up Bild’s report on social media. ‘The first face-to-face meeting between Kim Min-jae’s agent and Bayern took place within the last 72 hours. Bayern are working to reach a verbal agreement.

Against this backdrop, Kim has provided ‘clues’ that he is getting closer to joining Bayern. According to Bild, “Kim recently removed his club information from his Instagram profile. Usually, players list their clubs on their profiles, but since Napoli’s official account has disappeared, it could be a sign that a transfer is imminent. “With Kim Min-jae heavily linked to Bayern, this small clue gives Bayern fans a lot of hope,” said Bild.

According to a series of reports, Kim Min-jae is close to joining Bayern. “Kim Min-jae’s move to Bayern is imminent,” Plettenberg reported on Sky Sports on Feb. 22. “Kim Min-jae is likely to move to Bayern in the near future,” Plettenberg said. “The Bavarians want to finalize the transfer in the next few days and all negotiations are going according to plan. It’s completely positive. Kim Min-jae has made it clear that he wants to go to Bayern. He is on the verge of joining.” “He will sign a five-year contract that will last until 2028. The transfer fee for Kim will be €50 million, and at Bayern he will receive a salary of between €10 million and €12 million per year.”

With Plettenberg’s assertion, the recent hijacking of City seems to have been put to rest. German TZMünchen reporter Philipp Kessler wrote on social media on Tuesday: “Kim Min-jae prefers Bayern to Man Utd and Newcastle. The buyout is £45 million. It is valid until July 15. The deal is going well, but Man City are interested. “It’s a risk for Bayern,” he said, raising the possibility of a City move. TeamTalk in the UK added: “Pep Guardiola could win the battle for Kim Min-jae. The most likely destination for Kim is Man City. It’s just a matter of time before he goes to Man City,” the report said.

City, who won the treble last season and became the best club in the world, have center backs like Javier Dias and Aymeric Laporte, but they lack depth. Nathan Ake tends to play on the flanks, while John Stones has seen more action in midfield. City are looking to bolster their defense with the signing of Kim Min-jae. This isn’t the first time City have been linked to the Kim Min-Jae saga.

Despite City’s interest, Bayern seems to be the more likely destination. Fabrizio Romano, one of the most authoritative sources in the European soccer transfer market, has been reporting on Kim every day. As the player is attracting interest from big European clubs, Romano seems to be on edge. In the past few days, Romano’s news has been gathered, and we can see the mood of the negotiations. Starting with the news that ‘negotiations are progressing rapidly’ on the 15th (KST), Romano went on to say that ‘Bayern is the leader in the race to sign Kim Min-jae’ and ‘negotiations have entered the final stage’ to ‘a deal is almost done’ on the 20th. 토토사이트추천

Reports of Kim Min-jae’s move to Bayern have already revealed the transfer fee, salary, contract length, and even agent fees. The transfer fee is expected to be between 47 million euros ($66 billion) and 70 million euros ($97 billion). Initially, Kim Min-jae’s buyout was estimated to be between €45 million and €60 million. According to Germany’s Sky Sports, “For small and medium-sized clubs, the buyout is set at €50 million, but since Bayern is a big club, the buyout amount they have to pay has increased to €70 million. Reports so far have suggested a minimum of €47 million and a maximum of €70 million. €50 million is the most common figure.

His annual salary would be around €10 million after taxes. Foot Mercato reporter Santi Auna was the first to report Kim’s salary, stating that ‘Kim’s move to Bayern is virtually confirmed’. He continued, “Bayern have offered him an after-tax salary of €10 million. This changed Kim’s mind. According to German tax law, about 45% is taxed, so 10 million euros after tax is about 18 million euros before tax. This is significantly higher than United’s €9 million offer. It’s more than Matthijs de Ligt (€16 million), a potential partner for Kim, who is considered one of the best center backs in Europe. That’s a lot of money. Subsequent reports of his salary are almost identical to Auna’s.

Kim Min-jae was initially expected to join Man United. For more than a month, Italian and English media outlets reported that Kim Min-jae would go to Man United. The Sun even reported that it was ‘finalized’. United manager Eric ten Hagh wanted a solid center back to go beyond the durable Rafael Varane-Lissandro Martinez center back pairing and saw Kim as an alternative. However, the final stages of the deal were complicated by the unresolved release of out-of-favor Harry Maguire and, most importantly, the club’s takeover.

In the meantime, Bayern stepped up to the plate. On the 15th, when Kim left for military training, the tide turned. Plettenberg’s report started it all, saying on social media that ‘Kim Min-jae is definitely a resource Bayern are keeping an eye on’ and that ‘for a few weeks he will be a hot transfer target. However, Bayern know that United are actively pursuing the player. Coach Eric ten Hagh definitely wants him. Auna was more specific. He said: ‘Last week, Kim Min-jae and Bayern held talks. The first conversation was positive. A first offer has been made to his agent and negotiations will continue.

In particular, Thomas Tuchel is keen on signing Kim. According to Bild, Tuchel even spoke to Kim on video. After narrowly winning the league last season, Bayern are looking to rebuild. The key is the defense. This season, Der Licht has been anchored by Dayo Upamecano, Pavard, and Hernandez in the middle, but it hasn’t been good enough. Bayern are looking to get rid of the highly sought-after French international duo of Hernandez and Fabregas and strengthen the back with Kim Min-jae, who has established himself as one of the best center backs in the world. Here’s why they’re so keen on Kim.

Kim Min-jae is undoubtedly one of the best defenders in the world today. In Italy, the home of defense, he won both the league title and the league’s best defense award in just one season. Kim quickly became the centerpiece of the team after a strong start to the season. In September of last year, he was named Serie A’s Player of the Month. He was the first Asian player to be named Serie A Player of the Month since the 2019-2020 season. In October, he was honored with the Italian Footballers’ Association Player of the Month award. He made a strong impression early on, earning the nickname “Iron Pillar. After 35 league appearances, Kim was ranked first among Serie A center backs by various statistical sites. He was even rated as the best center back in the world beyond Italy. Despite only playing one season, he’s still considered one of Napoli’s all-time best 11. Given the current market price and the value of Kim Min-jae, the Bavarians believe they can afford to invest in him. It’s looking more and more like the Bavarians will be the ones to sign Kim. However, it’s still not 100% certain. Romano is also open to a hijack.

Man City, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, and Newcastle are still reportedly keeping tabs on Kim. With a limited buyout period starting on July 1, all they have to do is pay it and win his heart. But for now, Bayern is the favorite. All signs point to it.

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