• January 22, 2023

“I’ll be in last place again” Colorado, recruited even at the bottom… fans anger

The Colorado Rockies stayed at the bottom of the National League West division last year. However, there was no signing this offseason, and fans are angry as it is known that there is no signing plan.

Reporter Patrick Saunders of the ‘Denver Post’ said on the 21st (Korean time), “On this day, I interviewed Colorado general manager Bill Schmidt. He reported that the club had completed the composition of the team.” 바카라

Colorado last year recorded 68 wins and 94 losses with a win rate of 0.420, remaining at the bottom of the district. He had a disappointing season, narrowly approaching the club’s most loss record of 98 (2012).

Still, Colorado had a quiet offseason. He signed a one-year, $3.5 million contract with Jose Ureña, and signed a one-year, $5 million contract with Pierce Johnson, who played for the San Diego Padres last year.

Other than that, it was mainly minor league trades or waivers and minor league contracts such as Brent Suter, Connor Siebold, and Nick Mears.

It’s very different from the contracts last offseason with Chris Bryant, Antonio Senzatela, Ryan McMahon and Kyle Freeland.

Many Colorado fans are outraged by this. Fans said on social media, “The club doesn’t even try. There are many promising players, but there are no players to learn from,” “They are reserving the lowest place again,” and “They are going down the path of failure again.”

Currently, Colorado is raising expectations for shortstop Ezekiel Toba, the 27th-best prospect in the major leagues in 2022. In addition, outfielder Jack Bean (23rd), catcher Drew Romo (63rd), and infielder Adael Amador (61st) are also known to have a callup potential.

On the other hand, general manager Schmidt briefly mentioned the possibility of additional recruitment, saying, “Even if the team composition is complete, we will continue to look for pitching staff.”

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