• April 22, 2023

‘Im Chan-gyu’s zero-running strong fight’ LG, which runs alone as the leader, beats Hanwha and wins 3 consecutive winning series

In a situation where the bullpen was not 100% operational, the starting pitcher played well and continued the winning streak. Starting with Lim Chan-kyu’s scoreless pitch, which LG filled the rotation gap, the middle pitchers also energized and booked three consecutive winning series.

LG won 3-0 against Hanwha in Daejeon on the 22nd and won 4 in a row. There was no problem in turning the game into a victory despite the game where closer pitcher Ko Woo-seok could not pitch, and the starting pitcher Lim Chan-gyu, who was not in the opening rotation.

Lim Chan-gyu threw 78 pitches and earned his first win of the season with 2 hits, 3 walks, 5 strikeouts and no runs in 5 innings. Behind Lim Chan-gyu, Lee Woo-chan, Jin Hae-su, Jung Woo-young, and Lee Jeong-yong took the mound and kept the lead. On the other line, Hong Chang-gi went 4 times with 2 hits and reached 3 bases with a good ball. Kim Hyun-soo played an active role with 2 hits, 1 walk and 1 RBI in 3 at-bats. Austin Dean had no hits, but he contributed to the victory with solid defense.

With this victory, LG, which is running for first place alone, has a season record of 13 wins and 6 losses.

LG took the lead. At the beginning of the first inning, LG made the bases loaded safely with Hong Chang-ki’s heavy hit, Moon Seong-joo’s walk, and Kim Hyun-soo’s heavy hit. Austin struck out in a large scoring chance, and Moon Bo-kyung’s strong batted ball headed straight for first baseman Chae Eun-seong. It seemed that the score was canceled, but Jung Joo-hyun hit an infield hit and third base runner Hong Chang-ki scored.

An extra point was scored in the second inning. Seo Geon-chang went on base with a right-handed hit, and Hong Chang-gi’s heavy hit made him 1st, 1st and 2nd base. Moon Seong-joo ended up with a fly in left field, but Kim Hyun-soo struck a timely hit in the middle.

After that, the starting pitchers of both teams did not concede until the middle of the game. Lim Chan-kyu threw 5 innings and Nam Ji-min threw up to 6 innings, and the middle pitchers took the mound. In the bottom of the 7th, Hanwha, who was being dragged, was hit by Jin Hae-soo, and pinch hitter Kim Tae-yeon walked and Choi Jae-hoon hit right-handed to create a chance for the first and second bases safely.

However, O’Grady struck out and Moon Hyun-bin only grounded to first base. In the 2nd 1st and 3rd base, LG replaced the pitcher with Jung Woo-young, and Hanwha hired Jeong Eun-won as a pinch hitter. However, Park Dong-won stopped Moon Hyun-bin from stealing second base, and Hanwha failed to score.

Then LG added a valuable score. In the top of the 8th inning, Kim Hyeon-soo chose a walk, and Shin Min-jae, the runner, succeeded in stealing second base. And in the process of stealing second base, he advanced to third base due to a throwing error by the opposing catcher. Austin struck out at third base, but Moon Bo-kyung made a sacrifice fly.

After widening the lead to 3-0, LG completed the victory with Lee Jung-yong taking the mound in the bottom of the 9th inning. Lee Jung-yong recorded 3 saves of the season. 안전놀이터

On the other hand, Hanwha’s starting pitcher Nam Ji-min threw 2 runs in 6 innings, but was not supported by the other line. The defense, which was unstable the day before, was stable, and the middle pitchers were not shaken, but the batters could not score. He suffered three straight losses while allowing only three hits throughout the game. The season record was 5 wins, 12 losses and 1 draw.

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