• January 28, 2023

‘I’m insane!’ → A Munich star who went to a fashion show on a day off → Got scolded by the director → The director was not selected

Serge Gnabry, who plays for Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga, was scolded by the club. He went to see Paris Fashion Week on a break day, but the club is not happy about it.

The British media reported on the 28th that ‘former Arsenal star Gnabry was kicked out of the Bayern Munich bench after a trip to Paris Fashion Week’.

Gnabry was substituted near the end of last Saturday’s match against RB Leipzig. The teams drew 1-1. This match was the Bundesliga champion’s first comeback after a two-month World Cup break.

Gnabry flew to France immediately after the game. It’s just to see the fashion show.

He appeared at the fashion show dressed as if he were a model rather than a soccer player. On his Instagram, you can see several pictures of him dressed like a model.

However, the problem is that there was a match against Cologne two days after participating in the fashion show. This match also ended in a 1-1 draw, but the manager substituted him at half-time. It seemed that he did not like the performance.

Later, when it was revealed that he had flown to Paris to attend a fashion show ahead of the match, Bayern Munich’s sports director, Hasan Sali Hamidžić, lashed out at him.

Director Hassan said in an interview with a German media, “His behavior is like an amateur. This is the part I hate,” he said. “It is Bayern Munich’s spirit to prepare for the next game while resting on days off.”

Nigelsmann insisted he did not take him out of the match against Cologne because he was attending a fashion show, but he said he will not be starting this weekend’s match against Frankfurt.

Bayern coach Nigelsmann said, “Gnabry had a chance to show his skills against Cologne, but he was sluggish. So he just replaced it,” he said, wary of the media’s expanded interpretation.

Nigelsmann said he had a conversation after confirming Gnabri’s visit to the fashion show. “We had a good conversation and I explained my view of the situation to him. He said that the replacement against Cologne was not because of the trip to Paris, but because of poor performance.”

Meanwhile, Gnabry, who left Arsenal and moved to Werder Bremen in 2016, joined Bayern Munich a year later. He has 10 goals and 11 assists in 25 games this season. 토토사이트

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