• February 5, 2023

Irving’s expected trade request, hoping for a big contract

The Brooklyn Nets don’t have a good day this season either.

According to reporter Shams Charania of 『The Athletic』, on the 4th (hereafter Korean time), Brooklyn’s ‘Uncle Drew’ Kyrie Irving (guard, 188cm, 88kg) reported that he had requested a trade.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski also immediately shared the news of Irving’s trade request. Irving’s request for a trade suggests that contract extension negotiations have not been smooth, and subsequent reports indicate that he was not happy with the contract offered by Brooklyn.

Irving demanded a fully guaranteed contract (even though he hadn’t played and missed several times). Brooklyn hoped to insert a partial condition that the contract is fulfilled when winning the championship. However, Irving was dissatisfied with this and eventually requested a trade. Brooklyn’s plans for this season also changed greatly as the team that was doing well during the season officially discussed the trade.

He has been doing well this season. Until last season, there were never a few days when he did not play due to his own absence and various reasons, not to mention injuries. Still, he hoped for a fully guaranteed contract, regardless of his previous work. It was a difficult condition for Brooklyn’s leadership to fulfill. It’s only natural considering the time I’ve been teasing and soothing him.

Still, Irving did not hesitate. As the league’s best superstar and top guard suddenly requested a trade during the season, a huge dark cloud hung over Brooklyn’s winning streak this season. This season, for some reason, he appeared in the game without incident, but he hoped for a large contract, and after showing a disagreement with the club, he threatened to trade.

If you look at last summer, he even put pressure on the club rather than the reason that he would leave immediately. However, considering the behavior he has shown so far and the fact that Brooklyn is cruising as a championship candidate for the first time this season, it is inevitable that the team’s leadership and management, as well as the players’ point of view, are regretful in terms of such open dissatisfaction during the season. Considering that the power is never weak, the timing is too bad.

FYI, he made no secret of his intention to move for little money, unless a new contract was offered last offseason. However, unlike his strong desire to push the club, he stayed with the player option. When he opened the transfer market, he said he would move the team at any moment, but he did not give up the high salary. Accordingly, it seems that Irving came out with the same strategy this time.

If he really wanted a trade, he would even suggest a destination. However, Irving’s side did not mention a specific club. In other words, he doesn’t really want to trade, but there are aspects that he wants to keep while embracing a large contract. There aren’t many samples, but it can be assumed that Irving was able to appreciate the part that is leading Brooklyn well this season. 메이저사이트

However, from Brooklyn’s point of view, he has already requested a trade, and as long as the atmosphere of the team is shaken, there is no doubt that he will be able to play the season with him. Even in the current composition, a lot of power is laid out in the forward, so Irving’s portion of the team is considerable. More than anything, it could affect the future of Kevin Durant, who wants to be with Irving.

Brooklyn is playing with the best guard in the league. However, the cost of catching him is too great, and he has never been able to escape the burden of this this season. Instead of sticking with him, it wouldn’t be strange if Brooklyn always had a ticking time bomb, and even if it did, it would never be easier to get him a big contract given the uncertainties that will arise in the future.

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