• May 10, 2023

Is the team average lowered because of ‘home run first’? Only 4 people with a ‘40% on-base rate’… The best LG ever

In 2023, the LG Twins are crossing the KBO League’s all-time leading lineup.

The team stealing record stands out the most. LG recorded 40 stolen bases in 30 games. This figure has decreased significantly as LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop recently restrained his players. At this rate, arithmetically, 192 out of 144 games.

The 1995 Lotte Giants (220) rank first in the number of stolen bases by a team in the KBO League. This year, LG stands shoulder to shoulder with the 2009 Heroes (192), which is third in history.

The team’s batting average also reached 209.7 li. There were a total of 5 times the team batting average was 30%. The 2018 Doosan Bears (308 Lee) and the 2017 KIA Tigers (302 Lee) are in first and second place. In 2015, 2014, and 1987, the Samsung Lions exceeded 30% and ranked 3rd to 5th.

There are also areas where 2023 LG is recording the best ever. That’s on-base percentage.

1st place in history is 40 home runs Kang Jung-ho (40 5 9 li) 201 hits Seo Geon-chang (4 3 3 8 li) 52 homers Park Byeong-ho (4 3 3 3 li) 2014 Nexen (3 8 2 li) )am. At that time, the players who were ranked 2nd, 4th, and 5th in the top 5 individual on-base percentages were gathered in one team. In addition to them, Lee Taek-geun (3.8 0.6 Lee) and Yuhan-Jun (3.8 0.4 Lee) also showed outstanding on-base rates.

However, this year at LG, Lee Taek-geun and Yuhan-jun become the ones who cut down the team’s average on-base percentage. Until the 9th, the on-base rate of LG’s team was 3.88.

메이저사이트 There are only 4 players who are over 40%. 2nd place Moon Seong-ju (40 3 3 ri) 5th place Hong Chang-ki (4 2 2 8 ri) 8th Kim Hyeon-soo (4 2 2 6 ri) 10th Moon Bo-kyung (4 2 2 pun) is in the top 10. . Austin (3.98) is also raising his team average.

A player who is below the 20th place in on-base percentage (3.991) suddenly becomes a player who lowers the team average. Park Dong-won, the ‘home run leader’, scored 3.8 6 points.

Despite the overwhelming on-base, double hits are only 3rd overall with 22 (1st place KIA 25). It means that he is good at coping with the opponent pitcher’s manned balls. 4.02 pitches per at-bat (2nd place, 1st place Hanwha 4.08) proves the sharp pioneering plan of LG’s lineup.

What is the secret of LG’s consistent consistency? Yeom Gyeong-yeop, LG coach, said, “It is really difficult to have a good hitting feeling for over a month. They seem to be having a great effect,” he said.

He continued, “The most important thing is not to fluctuate just because you don’t hit a few games, but to hit firmly according to your hitting theory. You shouldn’t change your form just because you can’t hit a few games. It is the role of coaches to remind you that you can hit 400 at bats the same way as you do,” he emphasized.

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