• April 16, 2023

Jeon Hee-chul, SK coach, “Today’s one-shot, one-kill Williams, I saw only one person like a slow video”

“At that moment, I saw only Williams, as if watching a slow video.”

Seoul SK climbed the 9th ridge of the championship match high ground. In the quarter-final playoff against Changwon LG (Best of 5), both the 1st and 2nd games were reverse wins, winning 2 wins first. Teams that won both the first and second games in the previous KBL semifinal POs advanced to the championship match 100% (28 times out of 28 times). SK has had a significant advantage.

SK won the second round of the ‘2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball’ semifinal PO held at the Changwon Gymnasium on the 16th with a difference of 92 to 91, 1 point. It was more dramatic than the come-from-behind win in the first game. It was 90-90 with 13 seconds before the end. LG allowed two free throws to Kim Jun-il. District 1 is a success. However, the second pitch missed. As SK Jamil Werney stepped down after 5 fouls, Leon Williams, who was put in, got a rebound and connected it with a quick break.

Kim Seon-hyung, who was in charge of the ball handler, hit the dribble with time. Then, with 2 seconds left, I tried a plotter. It was short. It hit the rim and bounced. However, Williams won the offensive rebound. He immediately jumped up and scored two points with 0.6 seconds left. This is the moment when SK won by 1 point. 스포츠토토

Coach Jeon Hee-chul, who finished the match, said, “It’s really hard, but I feel the players are amazing. When we were 10 points behind in the 9th minute of the 4th quarter, I called the time and said comfortably. ‘I have enough time, I can catch up’. Strangely, when that time comes, I still steal A lot comes out, and the momentary concentration of the players becomes stronger. I always say that it would be nice to do it from the beginning, but it seems that the older players save their stamina and concentration and run.” He continued, “The unfortunate thing is that we couldn’t run away more when we scored in the second quarter. At that time, the defensive form was loosened and the transition game was allowed to be loose. Then it was reversed immediately. As a result, it made the fans happy. It’s like. Only the coaching staff die,” he smiled dejectedly.

Next, regarding Williams’ performance with the last winning shot, “Today’s one-shot, one-kill. Even during my active career, when a similar moment like that comes, I see only one player like a slow video. It was like that today. Kim Seon-hyung’s plotter was short, but only Williams was visible. Inside’ I thought, ‘I’m going to finish that'” he explained the last situation.

Next, coach Jeon said, “LG played as expected today. They used Perry aggressively, didn’t change their defensive form, but came deeper and faster. Perry was expected, but he is also a good player. From the beginning (to KBL) If he had played, he would have been a really capable player. That’s why I think I have to finish it in the third game. The more I play, the more scared I become.

Lastly, coach Jeon said, “I praised Choi Boo-kyung before today’s game, and he missed countless layups today. I will stop praising him from now on. Instead, Kim Seon-hyung asks for more compliments. It’s because LG prepared well to get caught. Still, Kim Sun-hyung has to do well.”

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