• May 4, 2023

Jeong Ji-hyun won the KLPGA Jump Tour 3 weeks after debut

Jeong Ji-hyeon (19, Samchully) won her first win in her 4th appearance in the Korea Women’s Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) Jump Tour (3rd division).

At the Sabi (OUT) Hanseong (IN) course (par 72, 6258 yards) at the Baekje Country Club in Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, the 4th game of the 2023 KLPGA Baekje CC-Samdaein Red Ginseng Ball Jump Tour was held on the 2nd and 3rd with a total prize of 30 million won.

Jung Ji-hyun won the 4.5 million won prize money for the 4th round of the jump tour by beating Choi Yi-soo (18), who finished the regular round with 7 under par 137 strokes, after the first round of overtime.

In September 2022, Jung Ji-hyun became an associate member of the KLPGA as a recommended female high school player by the Korea Middle and High School Golf Federation. With the first place in the total prize money (8,316,643 won) of the first jump tour competition (rounds 1 to 4), they met the criteria for promotion to regular members and secured the right to participate in the Dream Tour (second division).

Jeong Ji-hyun said, “My goal was to win one win on the jump tour, be promoted to a regular member, and go to the Dream Tour. She expressed her aspirations, saying, “Now she will record one win on the Dream Tour and finish in the top 20 on the prize money list, aiming for the 2024 KLPGA Regular Tour (Division 1) seed right.”

This season, Jung Ji-hyun stagnated in a tie for 21st in the first leg of the jump tour and a tie for 23rd in the second leg, but she finished runner-up in the third leg and then topped the fourth leg.

She said, “She went to the United States for her battery training for about 52 days. However, it was regrettable that she couldn’t show her skills in the first and second games, perhaps because her heart wasn’t ready,” said Jung Ji-hyun, who recalled, “I played with the thought of relaxing a little more in the third game, and she said that she was the runner-up. Good grades followed, and she found confidence. She said that she thought that playing comfortably with her heart to continue the flow was her biggest driving force for winning.”

Jeong Ji-hyun said, “It was her first time playing an extension, so she played with tension. Now she is very happy that it is Mother’s Day and she seems to have given her parents a nice gift,” she said with joy.

I also did not forget to say “I sincerely thank my family for always cheering me on, Chairman Lee Man-deuk and other employees who generously support me, coach Yu-jin Ji and coach Gi-taek Kwon, and mental coach Dr. Hee-soon Choi who taught me and helped me when I was having a hard time.”

Co-hosted by Baekje Country Club and Baekje Red Ginseng Co., Ltd., and supervised by the Korea Women’s Professional Golf Tour (KLPGT), the final round of the tournament will be recorded and broadcast from 7:30 pm on the 11th through SBS Golf, the host broadcasting company 토토사이트.

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