• July 23, 2023

‘Jujitsu’ Yoo Soo Soo overcomes weight penalty to win via extended submission… ‘Big Mouth’ Kim Dong Kyu hints at retirement

Yoo “Jujitsu” Sooyoung overcame a one-point per round deduction to win. The defeated “Big Mouth” Kim Dong-gyu announced his intention to retire.

Yoo Soo-soo scored a submission victory over Kim Dong-kyu in the bantamweight title bout at BLACK COMBAT 7 CIVIL WAR at KINTEX 2 Exhibition Center in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, on April 22 with an arm-triangle choke at 2:26 of the fourth round (overtime).

Yoo was docked one point per round for failing to make weight at the weigh-ins the day before. Going to the judges, it was a close fight.

Yoo used a left jab followed by a quick takedown to drag Kim to the ground and held the position until the end of the first round.

Kim was conscious of Yoo’s tackle and was unable to throw his strikes at will. Yoo, on the other hand, mixed jabs, straights, and middle kicks to build up her points.

After three rounds, the judges (jerseys) decided that Yoo had tied the fight at 27-27 after all the rounds and sent the fight to extra rounds.

Yoo tackled the exhausted Kim Dong-gyu to move into top position and locked in an arm triangle choke for the win.

Yoo won’t be crowned champion due to a failed weigh-in, but she will represent the country at the Japan DIP in September.

Yoo said, “I didn’t weigh in like I usually do. I was hospitalized and wanted to say that I lost, but my mom told me that I should try harder, so I started losing weight again. From then on, I lost weight little by little. I’m grateful to my mom for her silent support.” 안전놀이터

“It’s a shame because there were so many people who supported me,” Kim Dong-gyu said, “I really thought it was my last chance. I think the time has come for me to stop. If there were many people who enjoyed watching me, I would have lived a good life as a fighter.”

Fans shouted at him not to retire, and Kim said, “I’m sorry to my wife and son. I don’t know what to say,” he regretted.

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