• April 20, 2023

‘Jung Chan-sung Vs Holloway’, the possibility of a big UFC featherweight match is growing

Chan-sung Jung (36) of the “Korean Zombie” and former UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway (31, USA) are more likely to face each other. When Holloway publicly announced that he wanted to face Chan-sung Jung, Chan-sung Jung also said he would accept the request. 안전놀이터

Jung Chan-sung recently said on his YouTube, “You are welcome anytime, anywhere,” and “I am not in a physical condition to fight right away. If given time to prepare, he would be willing to face off. The UFC featherweight fight weight is -66kg.

Previously, Holloway requested a match with Jung Chan-sung through a press conference on the 16th. It was right after he defeated Arnold Allen (29, England) by decision in the main event of ‘UFC Fight Night’ held at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Holloway said, “Chansung Jung is the only contemporary player I haven’t fought.”

Jung Chan-sung responded positively, and the UFC side responded positively, so it seems that the first confrontation between the two will be concluded. Jung Chan-sung already demanded a match against Holloway last year. Jeong Chan-sung said, “There is no featherweight fighter who does not respect Holloway. Now, rather than winning, I want to fight the person I want to fight.”

Holloway is #2 in the UFC featherweight rankings. His main specialty is slugfighting with his quick movements and excellent batting skills. He lost to current champion Alexander Volkanovski (Australia) three times, and is expected to regain the championship belt once again after defeating Chan-sung Jeong. His career record in mixed martial arts (MMA) is 24 wins and 7 losses.

Chan-sung Jung ranked 6th in featherweight. Even when shocked, they constantly move forward and continue to fight, which is why they are called ‘Korean zombies’ and enjoy worldwide popularity. Jung Chan-sung also challenged for the UFC featherweight title twice. He tried for the featherweight title twice, including against José Aldo (Brazil) in 2014 and Volkanovski last year, but lost both. His record in MMA is 17-7 (UFC 7-4).

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