• April 18, 2023

Jung Young-jae beat Cho Il-jang and went to the first ASL final in his life… ‘Tetejeon’ with Park Seong-gyun

Jung Young-jae, who succeeded in advancing to the semifinals of the ASL for the first time in his life, drove his momentum and succeeded in advancing to the finals. 온라인카지노

Jung Young-jae defeated Jo Il-jang 4-3 in the ASL season 15 semi-final 2 match held at the Vita 500 Africa Coliseum in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 18th. Jung Yeong-jae, who had an uneasy start by giving away the first and second sets in a row, managed the game calmly based on his unique aggressive play, and eventually won the 7th set and confirmed the final stage. As a result, the final match of ASL Season 15 was decided as a Terran vs. Terran match between Youngjae Jung and Sungkyun Park.

Jung Young-jae, who was aiming to advance to the individual league finals for the first time in his life, started the semifinals with anxiety. Jung Young-jae, who gave up the 1st set in ‘Sylphid 3’ after losing in the battle of strength, was unable to use his strength in the 2nd set in ‘Chief Shin’s Ridge’. The opposing Mutalisk took control of the air, and failed to block the ensuing Lurker timing, quickly losing the set score to 0-2.

Jung Young-jae, who faced a desperate crisis, began to rebound in the third set held at ‘Vermere SE’. Jung Young-jae blocked the entrance at the beginning of the game and built a command center in the main base, engaging in psychological warfare against the opponent. Afterwards, I gave strength to the bionic combination while riding Engineering Bay Tech, and prepared for the opponent Mutalisk by constructing a turret. He amassed a bionic force by constructing multiple barracks at the same time. In the end, I caught the timing and advanced, causing damage to the opponent’s front yard and recovering a set by receiving GG.

In the 4th set of ‘Dark Origin’, a map where Terran was downplayed 1-7 against Zerg, Jung Young-jae threw an early win. He showed a strong will to tie the set score by building a barrack in the center area. Jung Yeong-jae, who calmly gathered marines and waited for the timing, bought time by damaging the front yard, and then added additional blows while building factories and starports. Afterwards, he blocked Cho Il-jang’s mutalisk attack, and changed the system to bionic, causing damage to the opponent’s expansion. In the end, he showed aggressive play and made the set score 2-2 on a difficult battlefield.

In the 5th set, which was held on the map he chose, ‘Nemesis’, Jung Young-jae was defeated by his opponent’s 4-drone strategy and allowed a match point. In the moment of crisis, Jung Young-jae showed his concentration. After a good start in the 6th set in ‘Retro’, Jung Young-jae, who worked hard to control the air with Valkyrie and a number of science vessels, effectively blocked the opponent’s attack during the slugfest and seized the victory. In the end, Cho Il-jang’s last attack was nullified and the match went to the final 7 sets.

In the last set held at ’76’, Jung Young-jae got a disappointing result in the early game. Nonetheless, he calmly continued to race, producing races in two star ports. In the end, they gained the upper hand in a fierce air battle and set the mood by doubling the population difference. Jung Young-jae, who overpowered the opponent even in ground troops based on the population count following the air capture, confirmed his advance to the finals by blocking Cho Il-jang’s last drop target.

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