• February 4, 2023

KB Insurance dreaming of ‘reversing the season’, mid-level grand marriage ‘vanguard’… OK Financial Group 4 consecutive wins

Men’s volleyball ranking fight is a point-and-shoot. The difference in points between Woori Card in 3rd place and KB Insurance in 6th place decreased to only 9 points.

KB Insurance won a complete shutout with a set score of 3-0 (25-23, 25-21, 25-22) in the Dodram 2022-2023 Season V-League Men’s Round 5 OK Financial Group match held at Uijeongbu Gymnasium on the 4th.

With the victory on this day, KB Insurance has recently won two consecutive victories by capturing the difficult opponent Woori Card and even OK Financial Group. With a record of 10 wins and 16 losses for the season, they have risen to the top of 30 points. On the other hand, OK Financial Group remained at 37 points. Far from catching up with 3rd place Woori Card (39 points), it is in danger of being reversed by 5th place Korea Electric Power Corporation (35 points). 바카라사이트

Recently, as Woori Card lost 3 in a row and OK Financial Group fell into a swamp with 4 consecutive losses, the middle ranks are in the midst of a great marriage. KEPCO is on a three-game winning streak, and KB Insurance is on the rise, catching Korean Air, the leader, and the gap in the middle ranks has narrowed sharply.

KB Insurance coach Hu In-jeong said ahead of the game that day, “We still have a chance to play spring volleyball. We haven’t given up yet. We will try to play the remaining 11 matches.” I will not fall behind,” he said with confidence.

Seok Jin-wook, head coach of OK Financial Group, who is losing a losing streak, turned Leo into an apositive player to focus on the attack, and employed Cha Ji-hwan and Song Myeong-geun as outside hitters to strengthen their offensive power.

A face-to-face confrontation between Leo and Villena, who are recognized as the best foreigners. In the first set, both players were sluggish. KB Insurance gained the upper hand in the local fight amidst the sluggishness of the main gun, which was fighting with ‘one per hundred’. From 18 to 18, it was a one-off, but OK Financial Group Leo’s mistakes were repeated and he took the lead. Hwang Kyung-min and Viyena played the role of solvers and brought victory.

The second set was also a close match, exchanging leads by 1-2 points. Han Seong-jeong and Hwang Kyung-min took the lead 8-6, 16-14. OK Financial Group tried to change the atmosphere with Leo’s sub ace, but Viyena also responded with a sub ace, scoring consecutively and consolidating the winning spirit. The net-like defensive organization, centered on Jung Min-soo, also stood out.

In the third set, Han Seong-jeong spewed fire. In 5-4, Leo’s serve Bumsil and Hwang Taek-eui’s blocking, Park Jin-woo’s open, and Han Sung-jeong’s serve ace continued, leading to 8-4, 16-10, and 23-19. It was even lucky that the serve caught in the net landed right inside the opponent’s court. In the second half, Villena and Han Seong-jeong were driven to the center, and the game ended with a shutout.

KB Insurance stood out for its even performance, centering on Viyena (20 points), Han Seong-jeong (13 points), and Hwang Gyeong-min (7 points). On the other hand, OK Financial Group’s flow was cut off at every critical moment. Leo, who has been apogee for a long time, couldn’t hide his awkwardness, and he showed signs of being somewhat tired from digesting his long season. He struggled with 25 points, but faltered with 10 errors. Cha Ji-hwan and Song Myeong-geun, who came out as outside hitters, performed even more poorly under the burden of receiving.

Seok Jin-wook, head coach of OK Financial Group, made every effort to put Jung Sung-hyeon as an outside hitter, but failed to correct the shaky defensive organization. In the end, not only did he postpone the dream of escaping from losing streak until the next time, but he also fell into a crisis of reversing the rankings.

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