• February 12, 2023

Kim Ha-seong, MLB 10-win pitcher worth? Local favorable reviews lead to FA jackpot two years later

Clearly, Ha-seong Kim (28‧ San Diego) produced the most trade rumors among shortstops in the 2022-2023 Major League offseason. It is the idea that Kim Ha-seong does not care about trade rumors, but there are some unusual parts in that he can be a yardstick for evaluating a player’s value.

There are three main reasons why Kim Ha-sung trade rumors are floating around. First of all, in the ‘era of the great shortstop’, the rich get richer and the poor get worse. As more and more teams are buying superstar shortstops with money, teams that have lost them have no choice but to worry about the shortstop problem.

The second is that Kim Ha-sung is highly valued. Kim Ha-seong, who struggled in his first year of offense, caught the attention of officials with outstanding growth in both offense and defense last year. Last year, he was a finalist for the National League Gold Glove, and his defense is recognized both on the computer and on the field, and his offense has risen above the league average. Here, Kim Ha-seong has a fairly club-friendly contract.

The third is the situation in San Diego. San Diego, which already has shortstops Fernando Tatis Jr. and Ha-Sung Kim, poured $280 million over 11 years into All-Star shortstop and slugger Zander Bogaerts ahead of this season. San Diego says otherwise, but on the surface Ha-Sung Kim may seem like a bit of a spare resource. Here, San Diego needs a starting pitcher.

The cards discussed locally are enough to represent Kim Ha-sung’s changed status. Of course, it is unknown whether it is an actual trade discussion, and it is not accurate because it is a ‘virtual trade scenario’ of the local media. However, it seems clear that Kim Ha-seong is more widely known locally and is being recognized for his skills. That’s not a bad thing for him as a player. 메이저놀이터

Young starting resources such as Ian Anderson (25) in Atlanta and Tanner Hauk (27) in Boston are being discussed. These are the starting resources that were once or are still determined to grow.

Anderson is a right-handed pitcher who debuted in Atlanta in 2020 and reached 10 wins for the first time last year. He went 22-13 with a 3.97 earned run average in 52 career major league games. Hauk is also a right-handed pitcher who debuted on the major league stage in 2020. Although he faced a rock due to frequent injuries, he is a potential resource with an average ERA of 3.02 with 9 wins and 9 losses in 53 games (20 starting games). He is expected to be the next generation 10-win pitcher.

If it was Ha-seong Kim in 2021, there might not have been a trade discussion with them. This is because the value of the selected resources seemed much higher. However, their value came down from injury and intra-team competition, and on the contrary, as Kim Ha-sung’s stock price rose, they rose to an equal position worth discussing. Whether or not it actually happens, it can be a factor that can measure Kim Ha-sung’s value. If the comparison continues like this, it is possible to hit the jackpot in the FA market two years later.

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