• March 29, 2023

Kim Min-jae changed his position in one day… The reason why the interview is more embarrassing

Min-jae Kim on March 27, 2023 and Min-jae Kim on March 28, 2023 expressed completely different positions.

The Korean national football team (ranked 25th in the FIFA rankings) led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann played against Uruguay (ranked 16th in the FIFA rankings) in the second leg of the March A match of the ‘Hana Bank Invitational National Football Team Friendly Match’ held at Seoul World Cup Stadium at 8:00 pm on Tuesday the 28th. ) lost 1-2.

After the match, all the spotlight was on Kim Min-jae. It wasn’t because of Kim Min-jae’s excellent defense. In response to the question that he seemed to be struggling physically after the match, Kim Min-jae said, “I’m in a bit of a difficult situation right now. I’m in a state of collapse mentally,” and then said, “Not for the time being… I want to focus on my team. , It’s physically difficult. I want to pay more attention to my team rather than the national team.”

Then, when asked if the remarks were coordinated with the Korea Football Association (KFA), he said, “I cannot say that it has been coordinated.

It was shocking to hear from Kim Min-jae, the defender representing Korea, that he wanted to focus on his team. It is so in terms of time. In the past, national team players often announced their retirement after major tournaments such as the World Cup or Asian Cup. There were many remarks that he had to retire even for the sake of a generational change.

But now is the beginning of the process of creating a new team. It hasn’t even been a year since manager Jurgen Klinsmann took over. Crucially, Kim Min-jae’s age is not even the age to retire.

What makes Kim Min-jae’s post-match interview even more embarrassing is the press conference he held before meeting Uruguay. Kim Min-jae appeared with coach Klinsman at the press conference before the game against Uruguay.

On the spot, Kim Min-jae said, “My goal is to come to the national team without injury and play an active part. If you have an injury or cannot maintain your skills, you will not be given a chance in the national team, so it is important to maintain well. I want to play until the end,” he said, strongly expressing his affection for the national team. 메이저놀이터

The attitude Kim Min-jae showed at the pre-press conference is completely different from his remarks after the game against Uruguay. It is still unknown why Kim Min-jae’s position changed 180 degrees in one day. Kim Min-jae said that he was talking with the Korea Football Association, but the Korea Football Association has not yet made a statement.

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