• February 5, 2023

‘Kkondaepower 100%’ Everton coach, “Neck warmer-Binnie not to be worn”

Everton manager Sean Dyche started to discipline.

Everton announced the appointment of coach Daichi through the official channel on the afternoon of the 30th (hereinafter Korean time). Everton, currently 19th in the Premier League and in danger of relegation, sacked Lampard, who led the team on the 24th. Afterwards, after focusing on the search for a successor, Daichi was quickly appointed.

Director Daichi, who held the baton of Burnley for the past 10 years, stepped down from the command tower last season. He resigned without being able to save the team from relegation, and the team eventually fell to the championship. However, he made his own achievements at Burnley, including reaching the Europa League playoffs in the 2018/19 season and enabling him to remain in the Premier League for six consecutive years.

In particular, coach Daichi used England’s unique ‘kick and rush’ football in his Burnley days. Burnley not only often caught strong teams as an underdog, but also showed that he was not pushed out of the fight with his opponent with tough football. 토토사이트

Director Daichi seems to be trying to apply the same color as he did in his Burnley days at Everton. According to a report by ‘Sports Bible’, coach Daichi banned the wearing of neck warmers and beanies during training. He said that during matches he is not allowed to wear a neck warmer or beanie, so he shouldn’t even wear them in training.

At a press conference, he said, “You can’t wear a beanie or neck warmer at the stadium. These actions make me angry. I also explained to the team,” he said. He was director Daichi who sent a strong message not to give in to the cold.

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