• August 21, 2023

Korean archery redeems itself with four gold medals at World Cup after humiliation at World Championships

South Korea’s national archery team restored its pride at the Hyundai Archery World Cup 2023 – Paris Leg 4.

The Korean Archery Recurve Team won four gold medals at the fourth edition of the World Cup, which took place at Parc des Princes in Paris, France, from July 15-20.

The team swept the gold medals in the men’s, women’s, and mixed events, showing that they are one of the strongest archery nations in the world.

The women’s team of Lim Im-hyun (Korea Gymnastics University), An An (Gwangju Women’s University), and Kang Chae-young (Hyundai Mobis) won the women’s team final on Tuesday with a 6-2 (55-56 58-57 57-51 58-54) upset victory over Chinese Taipei.

In the men’s team final, Kim Woo-jin (Cheongju City Hall), Lee Woo-seok (Kolon) and Kim Jeduk (Yecheon County Hall) swept past Chinese Taipei 6-0 (59-53 59-53 57-56) to win the title.

In the Mixed Team event, Lee Im-hyun and Lee Woo-seok won two titles each after defeating Chinese Taipei 5-3 (39-39 39-36 38-39 39-36) in the final.

In the men’s individual final, Kim Woo-jin won a 6-0 (29-28 30-29 29-28) victory over Lee Woo-seok in a “house fight” to win the men’s individual and team titles. Kim has been struggling to win an individual title at an international event this year, but this gold medal will give him a boost in his preparations for the Hangzhou Asian Games. 스포츠토토

In the women’s individual event, Choi Mi-sun (KOR) won the bronze medal with a 7-3 (28-29 28-27 28-28 29-29 29-27 28-30) victory over China’s Hai Ligan in the third place match, which came after a 4-6 (28-28 28-29 29-29 29-27 29-28) loss to Casey Coffold (USA) in the semifinals.

Recurve had a dismal showing at the World Championships earlier this month, winning just two gold medals (mixed and men’s team) and failing to make the podium in the women’s team and men’s individual events. The team was under pressure ahead of the Hangzhou Asian Games, but the World Cup helped them redeem themselves.

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