• February 23, 2023

KT Rolster, who was ‘blocked by 6 consecutive wins’, now has to prove it

The ‘KT Roller Coaster’, which was rising without knowing how high the sky was, stopped. It was also caught by Dplus Kia, which was sluggish recently. The ‘up and down of the performance’, which is still the homework, caught my ankle.

KT lost to Dplus with a set score of 0-2 in the ‘2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK)’ spring split held at LoL Park on the 22nd. KT, who was tied for 2nd place with Gen.G, fell to 5th place with this defeat. The creation of a new record of 6 consecutive wins, the most since its establishment, came back to nothing.

Since KT was in good spirits, this defeat is more painful. Considering that Dplus has recently lost a series of games, the regret is greater. 슬롯사이트

KT completely collapsed from the beginning of the 1st set by giving away the messenger. The people who opened the fight helplessly dedicated the kill, and while trying to block the dragon soul of Deplus, they were defeated unilaterally. In the second set, she tried to change the atmosphere by bringing out ‘Caitlyn-Lux’, but fell to her knees due to Dplus’ poking combination. In the end, KT could not narrow the gold gap of more than 10,000 and gave up Nexus.

The defeat on this day also ended Pajuk’s 5-game winning streak. However, the record for the most consecutive victories within the team was enough to show the changed KT. The momentum was that the upper body ’99 Trio’, which had been highly anticipated since before the season, and the bot duo of ‘Aiming’ Ha-ram Kim and ‘Lehenz’ Si-woo Son began to match their breath.

Of course, you can’t be careless. KT, who was hit by Dplus, will meet T1 and Gen.G, who are currently in 1st and 2nd place, on the 25th and March 2nd.

KT took 1 set from T1 in the 1st round, but lost the victory by giving away the 2nd and 3rd sets in a row. He won against Gen.G, but after a close battle, he won by sweat. Therefore, this matchup is more important to KT.

It turned out that he had not yet completely overcome his inconsistent performance, which was considered a chronic problem. If KT beats T1 and Gen.G and wins, it will advance to the playoffs as well as have the possibility to go up to a higher level. This is why fans are paying attention to KT’s next move.

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