• May 8, 2023

Lee Jeong-hoo, where did he threaten MVP? The position of the first foreign hitter is changed

‘Genius hitter’ Lee Jung-hoo (25, Kiwoom), where did the appearance of threatening the MVP award go?

The best foreign hitter in the KBO League last year was Jose Pirella (34) of Samsung. Pirella appeared in 141 games last season and exploded with a batting average of .342, 28 homers, 109 RBIs and 15 stolen bases. After leading the league with 102 points, he was ranked 2nd in batting average, 2nd in most hits, 2nd in home runs, and 2nd in RBIs, performing in all directions. In the batting category, it was said to be the only opponent of Lee Jung-hoo who won the regular season MVP 토토사이트.

Pirella is in his third year in the KBO League this year. However, he has yet to reproduce the active volcano-like blow he showed last year. In 26 games this season, Pirella has a batting average of .266, an on-base percentage of .322 and a slugging percentage of .431 with five homers and 17 RBIs. Of course, the scene where Pirella hit the fence strongly against Hanwha in Daegu on the 4th of last month made it possible to know that his unique fighting spirit and passion are alive, but considering the performance he showed in batting last year, it can be said that there is a lot of regret.

As Pirella faltered, he was in danger of losing his spot as the number one foreign hitter. Guillermo Heredia of SSG can be said to be the hottest foreign hitter in the KBO League right now.

Heredia has risen to the top of the league in hitting. Heredia, who wielded 4 hits and 2 RBIs in 6 at-bats in the match against Kiwoom in Gocheok on the 7th, beat Hyun-soo Kim of LG with a batting average of .373 for the season and proudly ranked first in the batting category.

▲ Heredia ⓒReporter Kwak Hye-mi

What is the secret to him adapting smoothly as he is playing on the Korean stage for the first time this year? Heredia said, “No matter where I play baseball, it is the same baseball, so there was no great difficulty in adapting.

In particular, the fact that it plays the role of a ‘solver’ increases the value of Heredia. It is already the 1st place in the league with 6 final strokes. “Every player always runs to win the game, so I think it’s a very good phenomenon to have a lot of final hits,” said Heredia. .

Heredia is currently in ideal form with a .373 batting average, .422 on-base percentage, .508 slugging percentage, 3 home runs, 26 RBIs and 4 stolen bases. He also led the league with 14 multi-hit games. He is a hitter who is good at driving and can hit a punch even at the crucial moment. The position of Pirella, who was the number one foreign hitter until last year, is shaking.

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