• January 28, 2023

Lee Kang-in, a big club ‘love call’ → transfer decision in 3 days

With the transfer market deadline approaching in three days, Spain’s Mallorca Lee Kang-in is emerging as a hot issue. Big clubs continue to send love calls to Lee Kang-in.

Spain’s Marca said on the 28th, “When the transfer market opened in January, English Premier League (EPL) teams showed interest in Lee Kang-in. The team that wants to recruit Lee Kang-in is at the top level of the Premier League.”

Inferring this article, the teams occupying the top of the Premier League leaderboard for the 2022-23 season are Arsenal at the top, followed by Manchester City, Newcastle, Manchester United, Tottenham and Brighton.

Atletico Madrid of Spanish La Liga also want to sign Lee Kang-in.

If ATM does not approve Lee Kang-in’s transfer during January, ATM is said to be active enough to say that it will aim for Lee Kang-in again during the transfer market this summer.

Mallorca’s position is already well known. transfer is not possible Mallorca says that Lee Kang-in is not for sale because he is a key player in the team. Anyway, this is just lip service.

This is because the team manager spilled the club’s policy. Mallorca coach Javier Aguirre confided ahead of the away game in Cadiz, “A team that wants to sign Lee Kang-in must pay 30 million euros (approximately 40 billion won) before the transfer market deadline (January 31).”

The manager is the first person in the club to talk about such a definite amount. Up until now, it was all media speculation. It means that they can release Lee Kang-in if they give him 30 million euros. 스포츠토토

There are now 3 days left in the transfer window. Which club will be spending money to recruit Lee Kang-in, who has emerged as a hot potato in the winter transfer market? A decision will be made sooner or later.

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