• February 14, 2023

Lee Myung-ki overcame the crisis and went to Hanwha, can experience be transfused into young blood?

On the 14th, the Hanwha Eagles traded 2-2 to recruit infielder Cho Hyun-jin and NC Dinos outfielder Lee Myung-ki and catcher Lee Jae-yong for the 2024 rookie 7th round nomination.

Lee Myung-gi is a left-handed outfielder with a career batting average of 0.307, and played in 94 games last season, recording 78 hits in 300 at-bats with a batting average of 0.260 and 23 RBIs.

Lee Jae-yong is a potential catcher who was nominated for the 2nd 5th round of NC in 2017 as a military resource born in 1999. He went 1-for-5 in eight games last season, and that hit was a home run. His career records for the Futures are 49 hits and 19 RBI in 249 at-bats in 118 games.

Hanwha coach Subero said, “I was concerned that the catcher’s depth would weaken with In-seo Heo’s military service, but I am very satisfied because the position was filled by the joining of a young military scribe catcher and internal competition became possible.” He was an impressive player, but the joining of these two players will strengthen our internal competition and help us develop into a better team.”

“In the meantime, we have received the most young players in the league, but now it is time to prepare them to a competitive level in the league,” he said. “The message of this trade is clear. It means that you have to overcome through competition to have your own place.”

What is noteworthy is Lee Myung-gi’s ransom. Lee Myung-gi signed a contract with an annual salary of 50 million won and an option of 50 million won. He has a total of 100 million won, but if he cannot overcome the competition, he will drop to almost the minimum annual salary. 50 million won is an amount you can receive even if you stay in the first team for one season.

This is the part where you can see how desperate Lee Myung-gi was. It’s a belly button contract as big as a ship, but Lee Myung-gi accepted it and chose to extend his playing career.

Through Lee Myung-gi, Hanwha got an opportunity to build experience points for outfield resources.

Lee Myung-gi is a veteran among veterans who debuted in 2008. Except for last year, he has contributed to the team with consistent performance every year. He also has the experience of winning twice.

Lee Myung-gi’s successful experience is expected to be of great help to inexperienced Hanwha players.

Hanwha has struggled in recent years with a lack of veteran players to hold the center of the team. With Lee Myung-ki, the 4th FA recruitment, I have hopes that I can fill the void.

Excluding Chae Eun-seong, who signed a contract for 4 years and 9 billion won, they can be called livelihood free agents. He signed a free agent contract, but it is difficult to say that he has yet to show everything the team needs.

This is the part that makes me expect that I can create a synergy effect by getting along with Hanwha’s young players.

Currently, only one spot in the Hanwha outfield is vacant. The more Lee Myung-gi tries to win the competition, the more Hanwha young players can learn.

If Lee Myung-ki does his part as a veteran, it seems possible to restore his honor. What is important is how Lee Myung-gi can perform as a leader.

Coach Subero also made it clear that “now is the time to win.” It means that we will no longer focus only on growth.

It remains to be seen whether free agents who have accumulated various experiences, starting with Lee Myung-ki, can breathe new life into the team. 안전놀이터

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