• May 12, 2023

Light-hearted Park Min-ji “This year’s LPGA challenge is two tournaments”

Park Min-ji, the strongest player in women’s golf in Korea, announced that she would participate in two tournaments on the LPGA tour, the world’s best stage.

Park Min-ji started in a tie for 25th with a 2 under par 70 stroke in the first round of the ‘2023 NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship’ held at Suwon CC in Gyeonggi-do on the 12th.

Park Min-ji succeeded in winning the tournament for the second time in a row until last year, and will challenge her to win the championship for the first time in three consecutive seasons.

Park Min-ji, who finished the game, said, “It wasn’t easy for the shot to go left throughout today. She even made two medium and long putts in the middle, but she had a disappointing finish because she couldn’t stop the crisis. She is a little disappointed, but she will try well for the remaining two days,” she said.

There is not much pressure on her three-game winning streak. Park Min-ji said, “When I came to this venue, I felt comfortable, so I felt good. I want to hit well because I have good memories,” she said. Tickets, posters, etc. have all my faces, so it feels like a competition for me, so it’s good,” she smiled brightly 토스카지노.

Park Min-ji competed at the JLPGA Tour Salon Pas in Japan last week, but she tied for 20th. In response, she said, “She has rarely hit a good score all season. She thinks Japan and the US are similar to Korean majors. No matter how difficult the course is, she can easily hit it if she targets an easy spot, but it was a pity,” she looked back.

Park Min-ji, who has the highest world ranking among players on the KLPGA tour, said, “I will only go to the US Open and Evian, and the rest will focus on the Korean tour.”

He said, “It is big that I can not ride the flow. I think the reason why I couldn’t ride the flow was that I couldn’t hit where I was supposed to hit. Now, thinking that my skills are worse than last year and the year before, I am trying to remember the image of that time.”

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