• February 10, 2023

“Like Son Heung-min’s father said…” Park Jong-woo is determined to play like a ‘rookie’

“There is no place to go down. Last year’s performance was a big scratch on my pride. As Son Heung-min’s father said in a video, this season I will play as a challenger who fights and fights.”

For Park Jong-woo (33), Busan I-Park was youth and life. Excluding his overseas life, he only played in Busan, so he was heartbroken by the relegation and poor performance once again. He was in a position to lose his luggage this year due to the expiration of his contract, but he finally succeeded in renewing his contract. He is determined to play this season and the rest of his career like a rookie.

Park Jong-woo’s contract with Busan I-Park ended in 2022. He had to prepare for the 2023 season, but he was unable to sign a new contract right away. This is because he did not go according to the scenario that the club and the player properly wanted.

It wasn’t easy, but Park Jong-woo and Busan decided to accompany them. When Park Jong-woo, who attended the ‘2023 K-League Winter Training Media Camp’ on the 9th, was asked about the contract renewal process, he said, “There was no big problem with the decision. I wanted to stay in Busan even if the financial part was excluded. I felt it. If my juniors look at me and see me finishing well in one team, they will definitely feel it.”

Park Jong-woo pledged to “play like a rookie” at an official meeting after renewing the contract. As for the reason why he dared to say he was a rookie, he said, “I didn’t worry too much about the contract period and the transfer while I was a pro. I joined Busan in 2010 and I’ve never taken my luggage off except for my overseas life. I came in. I got the feeling when I was a rookie in my first year. I went back to the beginning.”

The past two years have been painful for Park Jong-woo. He hasn’t had many injuries during his career, but not this time. He had to watch the team’s decline from outside rather than on the field. Park Jong-woo confessed, “I felt the struggles of my juniors, but it was mentally difficult because there was nothing I could do.”

His contract renewal has been completed, and he is preparing for a full-fledged season with coach Park Jin-seop. His confidence was overflowing. He felt certain about the Thai field training. Park Jong-woo nodded, saying, “The football the coach wants is so much fun.

Busan has been a candidate for winning and promotion in the second division for a while. However, if you look at his recent performance, he is a challenger.

Park Jong-woo also said, “The position tells everything. Now we are not candidates for promotion. We are challengers. There is no place to go down anymore. I want to see it. If the synergy of the young players rises quickly, it will become a strong team.” 안전놀이터

  • Son Heung-min’s father gave young players motivation in a documentary program, saying, “The world’s walls are not high. Men are not confident. Shouldn’t you bump into them? Try and break and go.”

He also wanted to repay the fans who supported him every time with a good game. Park Jong-woo said, “The fans and we are family. They ask us to work hard because it’s okay to lose, but now we want to win, and we have to win. “He promised.

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