• January 26, 2023

‘Magic Number 4’ coach Seong-Woo Seong-Woo “This kind of performance… I can’t help but complain”

Asan Woori Bank caught Bucheon Hanawon Q and reduced the regular league championship magic number to 4. victory is seen However, coach Wi Seong-woo (52) is dissatisfied with the performance.

Woori Bank won 74-61 in a match against Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball Regular League Round 4 held at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium on the 26th.

On the 18th, he lost against Shinhan Bank and failed to win 15 in a row. It could have gone with a bad flow. On this day, I met the lowest ranked Hana 1Q and played a tough game. Still, victory belongs to Woori Bank. It became the magic number 4. In February, it is expected that you will be able to taste the joy of winning. 먹튀검증

Performance was not very good. It looks like he couldn’t break through Hana 1 Q’s defense. The first quarter was rather dragged. Still, Danbi Kim, who scored 14 points only in the second quarter, succeeded in turning around and kept the lead until the end.

Kim Dan-bi made 30 points, 15 rebounds and 3 assists, and Park Ji-hyun also posted a double-double with 12 points, 12 rebounds and 5 assists. Park Hye-jin, who returned from her injury that day, also had a decent comeback with 15 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists.

After the game, coach Wi said, “After the first half, I told you to come to your senses. made a fuss It’s because I’m not focused. Since I do it casually, I give everything I can to shoot. To be honest, being the number 1 team is difficult. When playing with a lower team, there is also an impatience that comes from the players saying ‘I want to finish quickly’. I don’t think you would think that you would win for granted. You can see it from the day before the game,” he said.

“From the director’s point of view, I can’t help but say bitter words. It’s harder to relax. If you do this in an important game, you will get caught. The content of the game was not good. He gave the opponent an easy shot too comfortably. He gave up an offensive rebound and hit 3 points. If we get over the hurdle, our timing will come, but we will be stuck at that hurdle.”

In addition, “It could be my greed. Still, if you open up points, you can go by using other players. I’m satisfied with winning, but I need to get better. Performance is important. 10 games left. I think we can win as early as possible if we just focus. I want you to focus more.”

Regarding Park Hye-jin, who returned that day, “I played the game in about 40 days. she was restless That’s what the game feels like. Still, I think she did better than expected. Praise. Even though she has been playing for a long time, she did her part,” he explained.

He also criticized Park Ji-hyun, who has not been playing well lately. “Today, of course, was good. Even when the condition was not very good, I grabbed 12 rebounds and helped the team win. However, the recent shot is not good. It is also necessary to show your efforts when things are not going well. We need to spend some more time practicing.”

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