• September 11, 2023

Man Utd, ‘domestic violence allegations’ Anthony suspended ‘except for training’ →’1430 billion won’ Nalini, Anthony ‘appeal’ in tears

Manchester United have finally decided to exclude Anthony Martial from inter-team training following his alleged assault.

The club announced on its official website on Tuesday (ET) that “players who are not playing in an A-match will return to training on Monday. However, Anthony has agreed to defer his return until further notice in order to complete the process in relation to the allegations,” the club announced. ‘The club stands against acts of violence and abuse and recognizes the importance of protecting everyone involved in this situation. We also recognize the impact any allegations may have on the victim.

A huge bombshell has been dropped on United, who have been struggling with injuries and frustrating performances to start the season. Star striker Anthony was caught up in an assault case against his ex-girlfriend. Gabriela Cavallin, Anthony’s ex-girlfriend, reported him to the police for domestic violence, bodily harm and threats. São Paulo and Greater Manchester police immediately launched an investigation. A spokesperson for Anthony said, “We are aware of the allegations through social media. We will issue a statement once we have a full understanding of the situation,” he said, adding, “The allegations are false. “Our relationship was rough and sometimes heated, but I swear I never physically assaulted her. We believe the police investigation will reveal the full truth,” the company responded.

However, the details released through the UOL are quite specific. Anthony was in a two-year relationship with Kavalin, a DJ and social media influencer. They reportedly lived together in Amsterdam, Netherlands, while Anthony was playing for Ajax. “He assaulted and attacked me numerous times and even made ‘death threats,'” Kavalin claimed in a series of WhatsApp messages and photos with Anthony.

According to him, the first assault took place in June of last year. At the time, Gabriela was pregnant with Anthony’s child. Anthony allegedly assaulted her at a party at a nightclub in São Paulo, grabbing her by the arms and hair and pushing her to the ground. Kavalin, who was 17 weeks pregnant at the time, reportedly miscarried as a result of the impact.

Kavalin, who began dating Anthony again in August 2022, a month after the first assault, was assaulted a second time in January of this year. “I was hit in the chest by Anthony’s fist. My silicone implants were flipped over,” she said. She even provided evidence. She was then reportedly assaulted two more times in the UK. “Anthony also assaulted me in May, swinging a glass at me. I hurt my finger,” he added. Anthony’s mother and a friend reportedly witnessed the incident, and Cavalli reportedly left Anthony and returned to Brazil.

The tense situation prompted the Brazilian soccer federation to step in. On Friday, the Brazilian Football Confederation announced on its official website: “Man United striker Anthony, who was called up to the national team, has been withdrawn. The facts that have come to light need to be investigated and we have decided to exclude Anthony in order to protect the victims, the players accused, the Brazilian national team and the Brazilian Football Confederation. Arsenal forward Gabriel Jesus has been named in his place.

Even the Brazilian Football Confederation has gotten involved, adding to United’s woes. To add insult to injury, the Red Devils also had to deal with the Mason Greenwood situation. United parted ways with Greenwood last month. “We have mutually agreed that it is most appropriate for Mr. Greenwood to leave Old Trafford,” the club announced on its official website. ‘The club has concluded its internal investigation into Mr. Greenwood’s allegations. Our process began in February 2023 when all charges against Mr. Greenwood were dropped. Throughout, we have taken into account the wishes, rights and position of the victim, alongside our standards and values, and have endeavored to gather as much information and context as possible. “Based on the evidence we have obtained, we have concluded that the material published online does not provide a complete picture and that Greenwood was involved in the offenses for which he was originally charged. As he has publicly acknowledged today, he made a mistake and takes responsibility for it.

Prior to the club’s announcement, Greenwood also released a personal statement saying, “I grew up knowing that violence or abuse in any relationship is wrong. I did nothing that would stand up in court, and I was cleared of all charges in February.” “I fully acknowledge that I made mistakes and will take responsibility. I’m learning to lead by example and accept the responsibility that comes with being a professional athlete. I am focusing on being a good partner and a father.” “I have concluded that it is the best decision for all of us to leave Old Trafford and continue my playing career without compromising the club. I want to thank my family and everyone who has supported me and now I need to repay the trust. I want to be a better player, but I also want to be a good father and a good person, and I will use my talents in a positive way on and off the pitch.”

Greenwood was arrested last January on charges of rape and assault. Greenwood’s girlfriend at the time, Harriet Robson, came forward and posted a photo of herself bleeding and with bruises on her legs, eyes, and arms on social media with the caption, “To all those who want to know what Greenwood really did to me.” She also released a recording of the incident. She also released recordings of their conversations. They were about dating violence and sexual assault. Manchester police immediately launched an investigation and arrested him on suspicion of rape and assault. There was even evidence of death threats. United “cut ties” with Greenwood. They dropped him from the first team squad and removed his profile from their website. All sponsorships were suspended. A player who made his debut at the age of 17 and was hailed as the future of United and England had been completely erased.

There was a twist: the charges were dismissed. All charges against Mr. Greenwood were dropped, and the case was closed. The legal issues in Greenwood’s case have completely disappeared. “I am relieved that this matter is now behind me and I am grateful for the support of my family, loved ones and friends,” Greenwood said in a statement. Greenwood’s return to soccer has paved the way for much speculation about his future. Greenwood has attempted to return to soccer and has even been linked with a move to the K League.

A return to United was off the table. The club continued to think about it, but had to consider its relationships with commercial partners, supporters, and United Women. Above all, the players were against it. The team was on a roll under Eric ten Haag, and they didn’t want the Greenwood saga to cloud that. United considered a loan. After sending him out on loan, they said they wanted to see how the public would react to Greenwood. Greenwood began training in private, and a video was released.

There was even some sympathy among the players, which seemed to boost his chances of returning to the club. The club continued to hold discussions with key figures. In particular, discussions with the women’s team at the World Cup were crucial. The backlash was strong. Some groups protested against Greenwood. At the opening match, fans held signs and spoke out against Greenwood’s reinstatement. Rachel Riley, Britain’s “National Little Sister,” told the BBC that she would stop being a United fan if the club brought Greenwood back. Fans echoed the sentiment, saying “Greenwood has lost his right to play for United” and “I don’t want him to walk around Old Trafford in a United shirt”. “We will make an official announcement on Greenwood’s departure shortly,” the club said on its official website on April 16.

In the end, United’s option was to release him by mutual consent. However, the club was criticized for dragging out the situation for so long. Gary Neville criticized the move as “un-Man United”. Greenwood eventually left on loan to Las Palmas.

Anthony’s case bears many similarities to Greenwood’s, which is why there is so much opposition to his reinstatement. According to the UK’s The Sun, abuse campaigners are calling for Anthony to be dropped. David Chall, one of the domestic abuse campaigners, said, “United should hand over the investigation to an independent body, excluding the player.”

Further revelations have also emerged. Two more women, Leisa de Freitas and Ingrid Rana, claimed to have been assaulted by Anthony. They also accused him of sexual assault. De Freitas claimed she was assaulted and hospitalized after meeting Anthony while visiting a club in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2022. Lana alleges that she went to Anthony’s home for a TV interview in October 2022 and was forced to have sex, and when she refused, she was pushed against a wall and hit her head.

Anthony has responded vigorously, tearfully proclaiming his innocence in an interview with a Brazilian TV station on Friday. “I know the truth, and it will come out,” he said. I work for my dreams, and being a national team player is something I dream about every day. I never assaulted anyone,” he insisted.

Then, Anthony’s accuser, Kabalin, spoke out. “Anthony needs to be taken off the field,” Kabalin told The Sun. It’s disappointing that he’s allowed to play while the police investigation is ongoing,” Kavalin told The Sun, demanding that the club release Anthony as soon as possible. “I’ve been completely destroyed by this whole process, how can he have a normal life, he needs to be removed from the field,” Kavalin said. He also demanded to know why the club waited to take preemptive action against Anthony during the police investigation.

Eventually, United decided to remove Anthony from training. Fearing a “second Greenwood,” United took the situation seriously. “After being left out of the Brazilian national team, Anthony is now in danger of being left out of the United squad,” Brazilian outlet UOL reported. ‘After the Brazilian national team’s decision, it was revealed that United also decided to change their attitude. The club is now analyzing what decision to make about Anthony,” and that “there is an expectation in England that the club will apply the same rigorous standards to the Greenwood case.” In the end, the club did what was expected.

United signed Anthony for a whopping 140 billion won last summer. Manager Eric ten Haag had been a fan of the player since his days at Ajax, and he paid a whopping €100 million for the player, which was considered an overpayment. But he didn’t live up to expectations. Anthony was criticized for his unnecessary personal style. He was even dubbed the ‘YouTube striker’. Nevertheless, Ten Haag trusted him enough to start 25 games last season and four this season. In two seasons, he still only has four goals. It’s even more troubling for United because he was an expensive signing, and at worst, he could cost them 140 billion won 스포츠토토.

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