• May 10, 2023

Manchester United, ‘2 FW’ 334.5 billion… Kane + WC hat-trick star → No. 9 worry ‘one action solution’

Manchester United is planning a huge investment to reinforce the striker position, which was regrettable this season.

Manchester United, who succeeded in rebounding this season with the appointment of manager Eric Turn Hagh, are expected to join the competition for the league championship in earnest from next season.

The most urgent position for Manchester United, which is trying to win the championship, is by far the front striker. This season, Manchester United is having trouble appointing strikers after Cristiano Ronaldo left the team due to termination of his contract in November last year.

Anthony Martial started 8 matches and scored only 4 goals due to frequent injuries, and Ronaldo’s replacement Boot Behorst started 10 matches and has not scored yet.

Marcus Rashford, who was reborn as a team ace on behalf of Martial and Behorst, came to the forefront, but Rashford also failed to show his performance on the left wing, his original position, at the forefront.

In the midst of this, news emerged that Manchester United would invest a huge amount to reinforce their striker, signing the Premier League’s best striker and a youngster bombing the Portuguese league 메이저사이트.

British media The Sun reported on the 10th (Korean time), “Man United plans to invest £200 million (about 334.5 billion won) in the recruitment of Harry Kane and Gonzalo Hamus and aim for simultaneous transfers.”

Kane is a striker who has consistently shown his best skills in the Premier League over the past few years. He has scored a whopping 275 goals in Tottenham alone, and is named as Tottenham’s all-time top scorer. His all-time Premier League goalscoring tally is also 209, with only Alan Shearer (260 goals) sitting higher than Kane.

In the case of Hamus, he is a promising prospect in the Portuguese league. Hamus, who made his professional debut as a member of Benfica in 2020, showed his skills from this season. He scored 17 goals in 27 league appearances, and in the last 2022 Qatar World Cup, he scored his first hat-trick in his life against Switzerland, where he started in place of Ronaldo, and received attention.

The Sun said: “Manchester United are weighing a record offer for Hamus and intend to make him a partner for Kane. Manchester United will be in contact with Hamus soon.”

He continued, “For Hamus’ deal, Manchester United can exceed the club’s highest transfer fee of £89 million (approximately 148.7 billion won), which was recorded when Paul Pogba was signed in 2016. Manager Hach is a fan of Hamus and works with him. He said he could spend record money to sign Hamus, which manager Tern Hag wants.

Regarding Manchester United’s signing of Kane, The Sun said, “Man United said they are confident in signing Kane if Tottenham fail to qualify for the UEFA Champions League. Manchester United believes that Tottenham will also lower the transfer fee demanded after failing to qualify for the Champions League.” “he said.

If Manchester United, which has invested heavily to reinforce its offense this season, recruits both Kane and Hamus, it is expected that it will not be pushed back by any team next season.

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