• May 14, 2023

Mbappe ‘extreme anger’ → ‘fake news’ Anger at the influential French newspaper “Don’t post my name in false articles in the future!” Explosion

Kylian Mbappe of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), France, was firmly angry. It also got a lot of heat from the media. It sounds as if he is going to wage an all-out war against fake news.

European media reported on the 11th that Mbappe made a rant through Twitter due to an article published in L’Équipe, France.

‘Don’t put my name on salads from now on,’ Mbappe said of L’Equipe. Check the source,’ he wrote on social media. Just looking at the title, I have no idea what it is about.

It is said that Mbappe was angry with the Requip article that players and Mbappe collided during Ramadan. That is why he warned the media not to spread fake news.

Muslim athletes must fast during Ramadan. To be exact, food intake is prohibited during the time when the sun rises. This year, Ramadan was from March 22nd to April 20th. Simply put, fasting during the day and binge eating at night.

Mbappe, who was appointed captain of the French national team, blocked Ramadan rules for the national team’s under-21 players during Ramadan, according to media reports. The French Football Association has banned Muslim players from stopping play during fasting. Inevitably, the performance of Muslim players could deteriorate(?).

It is said that French captain Mbappe tried to solve the problem by intervening in the composition of the team at this time. The 21-year-old Muslims of the national team gathered at France’s national training center, Clairefontaine, told the coaching staff that they would start a fast. Some players not only skipped lunch for their Muslim teammates, but also threatened to strike without training.

Dissatisfaction among youth players was reported to the French Football Federation (FFF), and the federation requested that the adult national team captain Mbappe be sent to discuss the problem.

Some players who met Mbappe refused to fast during Ramadan, while others decided to fast only on certain days. This is a violation of Ramadan rules. There was no collective action.

In other words, because of Mbappe’s intervention, the Ramadan rules, which Muslims must strictly observe, were violated. It is said that Mbappe persuaded, but the decision was made by the player himself, but in the end, Mbappe was criticized. 토스카지노

Mbappe seemed a little unfair. Although he acted as a mediator, he is said to have not forced them to break the Ramadan rules. That’s why Requip made a false report about this issue and got angry, telling him not to recklessly post his name in the future.

Every Muslim-majority French football team faces problems with Ramadan every year. This year, PSG coach Christopher Galtier is on the rise. While at the helm of his former club Nice, it was revealed that Galtier had asked Muslim players not to fast during Ramadan. Galtier complained about the effect fasting had on players’ performance.

On the other hand, the Nice club provided each player’s fitness information showing that singles did not affect their performance, but Galtier denied this.

Regarding this disclosure, Galtier strongly protested, saying, “I will take legal action against defamatory and defamatory remarks.” The PSG club also announced its support for Galtier.

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