• February 7, 2023

‘Memories of the Final Winning Shot’ Irving, who transferred to Dallas, came back to the CLE days

Irving hits the court in Dallas wearing the number 2.

Reporter Chris Haynes of ‘Bleacher Report’ reported on the 7th (Korean time) that Kyrie Irving will wear the number 2 uniform for the Dallas Mavericks. 안전놀이터

The move of a big name broke the expectation that this trade deadline would be relatively quiet. Irving, who made the NBA noisy again with a trade request, moved the team to Dallas.

Irving, who made a fresh start in Dallas, also changed his number. He decided to wear the number 2 instead of the number 11, his uniform number during his time at Brooklyn.

Number 2 is a special number for Irving. Irving, who entered the NBA with the 1st overall pick in the 2011 draft, played the court wearing the number 2 uniform in Cleveland, where he started his career.

The brightest moment in Irving’s career was also with number 2. In the 2016 Finals, Irving, who performed well across the board, gave Cleveland its first championship with a thrilling Game 7 winning shot. This win is also the only Finals victory in Irving’s career to date.

After moving the team to Boston, number 2 was permanently absent, and Irving changed his number to 11. Since then, Irving has been wearing number 11 all the way to Brooklyn.

Irving, who wore the number 11 uniform, was obviously excellent, but there was constant off-court noise. In particular, in Brooklyn, he disappointed fans by being the main character of big incidents every season, such as unauthorized departure, non-vaccination, and anti-Semitic movie promotion.

Irving, who joined forces with Luka Doncic in Dallas to challenge for the championship, went back to the number 2 he had when he first started his NBA career. Even in Dallas, number 2 is a meaningful number. Current head coach Jason Kidd returned to Dallas late in his career and won the Finals wearing No. 2.

Irving’s Dallas debut will be against the Clippers on the 9th. Unfortunately, however, Doncic, who has recently been injured, cannot play against the Clippers. The first line of the Irving-Doncic combination has been delayed.

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